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May 9, 2024


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Are you into old school games and dying for a nostalgic puzzle fix? TechToRoms to the rescue! Head over there now, and get your classic Zoop ROM installed in your GB. A gem of a puzzle game from the 90s, Zoop combines quick action with addictive brain-teasing.

What is Zoop?

Fast-paced and frantic, Zoop was initially published in 1995. Controlling a small triangle character at the middle of the display. The screen is constantly being infiltrated by streams of variously hued foes called “Zoops.” Such characters should be obliterated by you by launching identical colour projectiles using your trusty ‘shooter’. Match three or more rows of Zoops to make them disappear.

Zoop may seem easy in theory, but it gets progressively harder as you navigate through its scores of levels. Increasingly faster and fiercer waves pour out colourfully forcing one to become an expert on quick reflexes as well as smart color-matching skills.

Gameplay: Addictive Chaos

Like all good puzzle classics that are available in large numbers, this addictive quality can be found in Zoop. It’s super simple to learn yet incredibly hard to master. The danger of multicolored enemies closing in combined with the satisfaction accruing from large combos is what keeps people saying just one more try!

Features To Love

  • 90+ Levels: There’s no shortage of puzzles in Zoop.
  • Increasing Difficulty: Fast pace and complex enemy patterns will test your reflexes.
  • Power-ups: Employ a number of short-lived aids when things go pear shaped.

Sounds And Music – Pure Nostalgia

The sound design for Zoop evokes a charming retro feel. The chiptune soundtrack also adds to this vibrancy with its catchy beats throughout. Perfect sounds for exploding Zoops and snatching up power-ups that suit the general ‘lookfeelsmell’ are so satisfying.

Tips And Tricks For Zoop Domination

  • Color Focus: Clear large clusters of a single color first. Chains are your best friends!
  • Smart Power-Ups: Some of these aids tend to be more helpful for offensive while others are good for defensive moves – know them.
  • Don’t Panic: The tempo can be overwhelming, but staying calm helps in becoming a master of Zoop.


TechToRom’s Zoop ROM download is an absolutely essential addition to any puzzle-loving GameBoy gamer. Whether you love playing Zoop or you have just discovered it, the addictive gameplay and nostalgic charm will win you over.

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