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Apr 4, 2024


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Do you remember the iconic handheld Game Boy? Its unique greenish screen and tactile buttons almost sound like a door to hours of video gaming. If you’re missing those days, then Navy Blue 90 is your perfect retro fix. This classic side-scrolling shooter is wrapped in a lovely pixelated package and offers an exciting challenge.

In this post, we’ll learn everything you need to know about Navy Blue 90. Consider it as the greatest mission briefing ever! We’re going to talk about gameplay, features and – most importantly – how to play “Navy Blue 90” on your modern devices via emulation on TechToRoms. Hold tight, pilot: here we go into world of nostalgic space combat!

What is Navy Blue 90?

The game was released for the first time in 1990 on Game Boy and lets a player become a captain of powerful interstellar shuttle that has been attacked by aliens. Prepare for relentless action from left-to-right as you move through other enemy ships forcing them out through unending assaults.

  • Gameplay: The classical shoot ‘em up genre core elements are brought back by Navy blue 90. In horizontally moving space ship players will be able to dodge enemy fire while attacking with lasers coming from all sides at once.. Weapon upgrades are available throughout levels boosting arsenal massively.
  • Game Story/Lore: As much as this game focuses more on arcade-like story line but there are some small hints of narrative content in this game because it’s about last hope for humanity that has no views towards earth being invaded by some unknown alien creatures.
  • Unique Features: Despite its simplicity, Navy Blue 90 has several features that make it stand out:
    • Upgradeable Weapons: Power-ups significantly change your firepower, making for satisfying progression.
    • Boss Battles: Each level culminates in a challenging boss fight, demanding strategic dodging and focused fire.

Navy Blue 90 App Features

Nevertheless, Navy Blue 90 was designed originally for a physical Game Boy, so running it on an emulator allows to experience this retro classic with fidelity and convenience. Here is what the app has:

  • Graphics/Style: As the ultimate game boy game, Navy blue 90 can’t help but capture the classic representation of the iconic gaming device. Get ready for chunky pixels, limited yet appealing color palette and – of course – greenish screen that reminds everyone about those good old times. Its simple visuals only emphasize its retro nature.
  • Sound and Music: As one of many Game Boy games that relied upon catchy chiptune soundtracks at that time, Navy Blue 90 is not an exception. The energetic background music will give you a sense of space battles while satisfying laser sounds or explosions may add you to the virtual world.
  • Difficulty and Progression: This game boasts a nice learning curve as it gets harder gradually. Initially stages are easy-peasy whereas more difficult paths emerge when danger patterns become treacherous enough or your screen becomes filled with a crazy torrent of missiles. To stay alive players will need all power-ups available working in conjunction with their ships’ agility strategies
  • Controls: Modern emulators like TechToRoms perfectly imitate the legendary D-pads and buttons from Game Boy which makes controls very intuitive. Adjust them on TechToRoms so they feel comfortable and responsive allowing you just concentrate on dodging bullets instead of fiddling with awkward configurations.

Why Play Navy Blue 90?

Why Navy Blue 90 is worth checking out.

  • Nostalgia: Navy Blue 90 is a delightful time capsule for those who grew up with the Game Boy. Its replayability brings back memories of simpler times and the pure joy of handheld gaming.
  • Fun Factor: In spite of its age, Navy Blue 90 still manages to be an entertaining experience. Its high speed action, gratifying power-ups and challenging gameplay offer a timeless arcade-like thrill.
  • Accessibility: One can now play Navy Blue 90 on several devices due to emulators. TechToRoms will help you to enjoy it without searching for the real Game Boy cartridge


Navy Blue 90 may be old-fashioned but this thrilling side-scrolling shooter game has stood the test of time because it is well executed. When seeking a dose of nostalgia or just looking for some retro-style fun, give this Game Boy gem a go.

A good thing about TechToRoms is its simplicity in giving you an opportunity to revisit or discover Navy Blue 90 for the first time. With their vast library of ROMs and emulators, you’ll be piloting your spaceship and blasting aliens in no time at all.

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