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Apr 19, 2023


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Midori No Makibaoo ROM for GameBoy (GB) is an underdog story where a little horse wants to become the best racer. It’s a classic game with humor and heart that lets you play as Makibaoo against tough competitors on a racing track. Race strategically, meet funny characters — and have fun!

Game Features

Welcome to the quirky world of Midori No Makibaoo! Mixing traditional racing thrills with strategic surprises, this game offers something new for both fans of the genre and beginners.

  • Strategic Racing: Speed isn’t everything in Midori No Makibaoo. You also need to plan ahead, use your special abilities wisely and outsmart opponents by maneuvering tactically around the track.
  • Unique Power-Ups: Grab funny power-ups scattered throughout the racecourse to get temporary advantages. Boost your speed for a moment or confuse rivals with silly distractions — or do impossible things like sliding through narrow gaps thanks to Makibaoo’s incredible flexibility!
  • Diverse Opponents: Every race features various rival horses, each having their own strengths, weaknesses and racing habits that may change from time to time. Study their behavior patterns while running against them so as not only know how they perform but also take advantage over it whenever possible – until securing own win finally.
  • Game Modes: Midori No Makibaoo includes different ways of playing which keep things interesting. Take part in single-player championships against computer-controlled racers; compete with friends online or locally via multiplayer races; or just enjoy casual free-play mode where winning isn’t necessary – but fun always is!

Getting Started with Midori No Makibaoo

Starting your racing journey in Midori No Makibaoo couldn’t be easier. Let’s go over the basics and get you on your way to victory!

  • Mastering the Controls: Understanding how to control Makibaoo is key:
    • Acceleration: Learn how to make Makibaoo speed up gradually or use bursts of speed, as well as maintain a steady pace.
    • Steering: Figure out how to navigate the racetrack, take sharp turns and avoid obstacles with precision.
    • Power-up Deployment: Find out how to collect power-ups and when/where/how to activate them most effectively for maximum impact.
  • Embracing the Tutorial: Summarize what Midori No Makibaoo’s tutorial covers in terms of basic skills or strategies that are essential for success.
  • Tips for Beginners: Here are some useful tips to help get you started:
    • Energy Management Strategically manage Makibaoo’s energy reserves. Don’t use up all your stamina too early in the race!
    • Timing is Everything Power-ups can completely change a game! Learn when best times to use them so they give biggest advantages possible.
    • Know Your Course Spend time studying track layouts; try finding shortcuts or identifying potential hazards along each one before start racing against computer-controlled horses competing against friends locally or online multiplayer modes
  • Practice and Explore The more play Midori No Makibaoo, better will become at it. So don’t be afraid experiment different strategies – just enjoy racing around track!


If you are in search of a unique and joyful racing game with some strategy involved and a great deal of charisma, then Midori no Makibaoo should be your choice. This video game offers original characters, races that are hard to predict, as well as an underdog story line which gives new life to this genre.

Regardless of whether you belong to the group of gamers who like retro games or just want something entertaining – give Makibaoo a try; let him run through your heart. And maybe… just maybe you’ll be rooting for this small horse that dreams big?

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