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May 10, 2024


81.95 M


Do you remember the excitement of watching Ultraman flying in the sky to confront monstrous  monsters? Well, now you can play those epic fights in Ultraman: Fighting Evolution, the classic 3D fighting game that places into your hands all of Ultra-warrior powers. So, check out these hero’s moves and get ready for an action packed experience! Just download this rom from Techtoroms after that, you are one step closer to the battlefield.

What is Ultraman: Fighting Evolution?

Ultraman: Fighting Evolution brings famous characters from ultraman series back to life on your screen. Starting in arcades and finally arriving at the PlayStation2, this game allows you to become legendary fighters such as Ultraseven, Tiga or Ultraman. Your mobility will be tested when facing Baltan, Gomora and Zetton through city-shaking battles against huge kaijuu!

Why You’ll Love Ultraman: Fighting Evolution

Harness the Power of Ultra: Be transformed into light! Change form into your best ultraman character and unleash their special attacks along with their beaming lights.

  • Unforgettable Kaiju Throwdowns: Go head-to-head with some iconic beasts from your favorite ultra films as a youngster.
  • A Timeless Classic, Now Accessible: Experience authentic arcade-style combat wherever you happen to be thanks to ROMs and emulation technology.

Ultramen: Fighting Evolution – The Expert’s Take

“Ultramen: Fighting evolution will feed your nostalgia while providing lots of over-the-top action. For lovers of fighting games or fans of traditional television shows it is a must have.”- RetroGamer Magazine

Tips on How to Defeat Kaiju

  • Know Your Hero: Every ultraman has his own way in which he fights hence choose what suits best.
  • Know Your Opponent: Study their movements so that when they hit you can retaliate effectively.
  • Find Untapped Power: Some versions of the games are likely to have hidden characters and modes – keep your eyes peeled!


Is Ultraman: Fighting Evolution multiplayer?

Yes, most versions have local multiplayer mode.

Which is the best version?

Mostly, people say Ultraman: Fighting Evolution 3 offers the best package with a huge roster.


Ready to unleash your Inner Ultra-Hero? Just download this rom from Techtoroms – Ultraman: Fighting Evolution. Let’s go fighting kaijus! And remember; when you want more classic gaming goodness, Techtoroms got a huge variety of ROMs for you.

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