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August 5, 2024


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Through the years, Area 51 has been a term that excites imaginations all over the world. People have always talked about it secretly run government establishment, hidden ET technology and their own experiences regarding this site. Arcade shooter Arcadia 51 (1995) and its console version of 2005 capitalize on this inquisitive theme by offering you with action packed gaming experience which turns rumors into thrilling realities.

Area 51: What is It?

Classic Area 51 game puts you in boots of a special forces operative infiltrating a notorious military base situated in Nevada. However, the personnel are infected by a virus that mutates them into hideous beings. Those who thought otherwise must be shocked because they will know that it emanated from some other place. Take down aliens and uncover truth behind Area 51.

Key Gameplay Features

  • High paced First-Person Shooter: Dash around while shooting inside the complex.
  • Unique Arsenal: Use both conventional and experimental weapons to fight off aliens.
  • Hidden Secrets: Explore Areas within area fifty one to discover secret locations, power ups as well as why extraterrestrials invaded earth.

Area 51 Tips and Tricks

  • Play conservatively: Be judicious about choosing your shots especially at first.
  • Look everything over well: Pursue concealed health packs plus weapon enhancements.
  • Mastery of Mutant Boss: Large mutant boss requires precise timing and dodging; aim for weak parts!

The Legacy of Area 51

During its time, Arcadia has been popular for its graphics, intense action scenes, as well as novelty in fighting off aliens within such renowned backdrop. Though it may not have stunning visuals like today games do; however, it still keeps an old-fashioned appeal and unique idea altogether.


Download Area-15 Rom now from to get the feeling of an alien conspiracy yourself. Whether you’re coming back to an old classic or its your first time, Area 51 gives you a classic FPS experience with an out of this world twist.

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