When I dropped my younger sibling using the Rock Bottom on to a cushioned couch and he burst into tears, this is the power of WWF Attitude. If you long for the days when wrestling was pure fun, outrageous storylines and weird characters, Techtoroms would take you back to the attitude era.

Why does WWF’s attitude keep evolving?

Frankly speaking WWF Attitude is not graphically modern anymore. However, fun factor compensates for its lack of beauty.

  • The legendary roster: Steve Austin, Dude Love, Kane, The Undertaker – they’re all here with their signature moves and other funny actions.
  • Matches full of attitude: It’s not just singles matches. Throw chairs in thrilling matches or climb steel cages or cause ultimate chaos in royal rumble.
  • Create Your Wildest Dreams: Create a Wrestler mode was incredibly deep for its time. Create your wrestler from scratch complete with silly outfits and entrance music.

WWF Attitude Tips: Beyond the Basics

Timing of reversals is key there is a fine line between pulling off an epic reversal and succumbing to a defeat that you will never forget.

  • Hidden finishing move: Did you know you can make The Rock perform a double People’s Elbow? Press down on R while holding up before delivering your finishing blow!
  • Don’t be afraid to get dirty: Use the environment to your advantage! slam your opponent into ring post or give them a chair shot with steel chair.

Do you have WWF’s attitude?

WWF Attitude offers a healthy dose of madness if you’re yearning for some nostalgia about wrestling’s most bizarre times or how much it changed since 90s. Just don’t be too surprised by slightly outdated graphics and improved controls well let’s say ‘enthusiastic’ then.

Want more classic wrestling?

Techtoroms is wrestling heaven for old school fans! Explore our vast archive of classic wrestling ROMs and rekindle those unforgettable feuds.


For those who want to reminisce on some of the good times they had in the Attitude Era, you can download WWF Attitude from Techtoroms. Yeah, it may look a little old fashioned, but there is no doubt that this game will take you back to the crazy days when wrestling was at its wildest. Therefore, run your emulator, turn up loud and ask yourself one query: “Can you smell what The Rock is cooking?”.

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