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May 10, 2024


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Rallying all archaic gamers and wrestling enthusiasts! In case you yearn to tap into the nostalgia of yore while experiencing simple gameplay of the squared circle, then the HAL Wrestling ROM for GameBoy is what you need. Interested in returning to this portable gem? Download it free on TechToRoms and climb back into the ring!


There was HAL Wrestling during the early 90s way before it turned into a complex simulation. Released in 1990 for the original GameBoy, this unassuming title delivered surprisingly addictive gameplay within the system’s technical limitations. It may not have had the flash of later wrestling games, but it captured the spirit of the sport with surprising charm.

Gameplay: Pure Wrestling Simplicity

Basically, this game reduces wrestling to its most basic elements. Forget about complicated movement patterns or chain systems; master timing and strategy instead. You will be armed with some simple grapple moves, strikes, running attacks and occasionally high-flying maneuvers. The main thing is when to continue your offensive moveset, where to defend yourself from the opponent’s attack or when it is time for three counts.

The controls are very straightforward in this game. Its simplicity allows one to quickly learn how to play and thus start off piling up opponents on pixelated pile drivers right away. On mastering the core mechanics that underlie this game however, players discover shocking depth.

Unexpectedly Robust Feature Set

Considering its age and limitations in relation to those of GameBoy device itself HAL Wrestling contains quite a good number of features. Here are some highlights:

  • Roster: Pick from several wrestlers who look more or less like each other but whose stats slightly differ from one another meaning that licensed fighters are absent here!
  • Match Types: This can be either single exhibition matches or even rather developed tournament mode at all.
  • Difficulty: The AI can be surprisingly tough especially in later stages of tournaments.
  • Create-a-Wrestler (Sort Of): You can’t create a detailed character but you are allowed to name your wrestler, making the game slightly more personal.

Charming Sound and Music

HAL Wrestling is true to GameBoy’s aesthetic; it has got a catchy chiptune soundtrack. Each match’s background music sets a mood for fight, and although basic, sound effects have enough impact to be satisfying when driving an opponent into the ground.

Tips and Tricks: Become a HAL Champion

Ready to rule the ring?  Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Irish whip = Power: Use the Irish whip move to send your opponent into the ropes. Often, this leaves them disoriented which exposes them to a hard hit.
  • Go High-Risk: Hitting your opponent with moves from the top rope does extra damage.
  • Know When to Pin: Don’t just try to pin after every move. It is more likely that they will be pinned if they are already weakened for three counts.

Mind Your Stamina: Every move you make drains your wrestler’s stamina bar. Watch your levels! Running too low gives opponents an opportunity of hitting back.


For those seeking portable wrestling history or satisfyingly simple grappling action, try out TechToRoms’ HAL Wrestling ROMs. It is not great in terms of graphics or complex systems, however its simplicity and compelling gameplay lend it some sort of charisma.

Old school gamers will be surprised by the amount of fun that this magical game can still offer. Whenever you want to pass a few minutes on an emulator or a real Gameboy (if you still have one), this title comes handy.

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