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Nov 1, 2023


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Gaming enthusiasts are always on the lookout for new game releases and interesting ROMs to keep their adrenaline pumping. Among the popular gaming options, Ultima – Runes Of Virtue II ROM on GameBoy (GB), has stood the test of time as an enjoyable retro game. Initially, the game was launched for the NES, console in the early 1990s and later, it was also released for GameBoy. The GameBoy version of the game garnered immense popularity among gamers during the 90s. The game offers a challenging plot that requires gamers to navigate through treacherous dungeons, solve puzzles and beat bosses- all while staying true to the Virtue system of Ultima. Our post is here to give you an overview of this incredible game and what makes it so special.

A Challenging Quest

As gamers engage in Ultima – Runes Of Virtue II ROM, they are thrown into a fantasy world where Lord Thibris has destroyed the Codex of Ultimate Wisdom. Players must take on a challenging quest with Sir Petrish to retrieve the stolen runes and reassemble the Codex. But, completing the quest is no easy feat. The game requires careful planning and meticulous strategy to navigate through dungeons, fight enemies and eventually beat bosses.

Stay True to the Virtue System

One of the most interesting aspects of Ultima – Runes Of Virtue II ROM is that it is based on the Virtue System of Ultima. Virtue is an essential element that governs all the creatures in the world of ultima. Staying true to your virtues helps you in the game by increasing the special abilities of your character. You can interact with NPCs throughout the game who can help you understand the virtues better and also provide you with useful items to progress in the game.

An Exciting Combat System

Ultima – Runes Of Virtue II ROM offers an engaging combat system where players get to fight various creatures throughout the game. You can use a wide variety of weapons such as swords, bows, and magic to defeat your enemies. The combat system is both challenging and interesting, with bosses being particularly tough to beat.

Explore the World of Ultima

The game gives you the opportunity to explore a vast and immersive world. The game has a unique storyline that revolves around virtuous principles and traditions. The game’s world offers various environments such as dungeons, towns, and wilderness, and players must navigate through them all while staying true to their virtues.

ROMs and Downloading

As we dive deeper into the gaming community, ROMs and emulators have become an integral part of the gaming experience. With ROMs, gamers can download their favorite classic games and play them on modern devices such as their smartphones, PC, or laptops. To play Ultima – Runes Of Virtue II ROM, you need to download the emulator and then the ROM. Game enthusiasts can easily download the ROM and start their journey into the world of Ultima.


In conclusion, Ultima – Runes Of Virtue II ROM is a classic game that captivated gamers back in the day and still has a cult following today. The game offers a unique storyline, engaging combat system and exploring opportunities that will leave you wanting more. The Virtue system adds a new dimension to the game and makes it all the more interesting. With easy accessibility via ROMs and emulators, you can experience the thrill of Ultima – Runes Of Virtue II on your favorite device, be it your PC or smartphone. So go ahead, download the ROM, and take on the quest with Sir Petrish to save the world of Ultima.

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