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Dec 13, 2023


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If you’re a gamer who is into emulation, then you might have already heard about Tottemo! Luckyman. It’s a GameBoy (GB) game that was released only in Japan back in 1998. However, thanks to the magic of ROMs, players from all over the world can now enjoy this quirky and fun-filled game. In this post, we’re going to talk about the Tottemo! Luckyman ROM, what it’s all about, and why it’s worth playing.

Overview of Tottemo! Luckyman ROM

Tottemo! Luckyman is a platformer video game developed and published by Bandai that was released in Japan for the GameBoy (GB) in 1998. The game is based on the anime and manga series with the same title, created by Hiroshi Gamou. In Tottemo! Luckyman, you play as Lucky Man, a superhero who has to save the world from the evil organization, Shachō-kai (President Society). Your job is to jump, run, and punch your way through levels filled with enemies, obstacles, and traps.

Gameplay and Features

Tottemo! Luckyman is a delightful platformer with quirky and fun gameplay. The game features five worlds, each containing four levels, with a boss battle at the end of each world. Lucky Man’s abilities include punching, jumping, and using special attacks that consume energy. The enemies in the game are bizarre and come in all shapes and sizes, from flying potatoes to anthropomorphic vacuums. The levels are well-designed and challenging, with various secrets and alternate pathways to discover.

Why play Tottemo! Luckyman ROM

Firstly, if you’re a fan of platformer games and retro gaming, then Tottemo! Luckyman will undoubtedly deliver. It’s a vibrant and colorful game with imaginative character design and level structure. Secondly, it’s a game that’s rarely talked about, even in retro gaming circles, so playing it will give you a sense of discovery and exploration. Lastly, it’s a game that’s only in Japanese, so playing the ROM version with its unofficial English translation will let you fully experience the story and humor of the game.

aHow to play Tottemo! Luckyman ROM

To play Tottemo! Luckyman ROM on your GameBoy emulator, you’ll need to download the ROM file and emulator. The ROM file can be found on various ROM websites online. The emulator can be downloaded from the official website of your chosen emulator. Once you have the emulator installed, open it, and select the Tottemo! Luckyman ROM file. You’ll then be able to play the game on your computer or mobile device.


In conclusion, Tottemo! Luckyman is a hidden gem of a game that’s definitely worth playing. If you’re a fan of retro gaming and platformer games, then you won’t be disappointed. The game’s quirky character design, inventive levels, and humor will keep you entertained for hours. And with the ROM version, it’s easy to access and play. So give Tottemo! Luckyman a try and discover for yourself why it’s a game that deserves more attention.

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