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Feb 16, 2024


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For many gamers of a certain age, the Nintendo GameBoy holds a special place in their hearts. It was a portable portal to countless adventures, from platforming classics to RPG epics. One title that stands out for its unique blend of action and puzzle elements is The Getaway, released in 1995.

The Premise

In The Getaway, you take on the role of Alex, a young man framed for a crime he didn’t commit. Escaping from prison, he must navigate a series of challenging stages, collecting keys, avoiding guards, and solving puzzles to ultimately clear his name. Each level is a labyrinthine maze filled with obstacles and secrets, demanding quick thinking and strategic planning.

Why It Was Special

The Getaway offered several innovative features for its time. The isometric perspective provided a unique view of the action, while the level design was intricate and layered. Players had to think vertically, using ladders and platforms to navigate their way around. The game also featured a dynamic soundtrack that changed depending on the situation, adding to the tension and excitement.

A Nostalgic Revival

In today’s gaming landscape, filled with sprawling open-world titles and high-fidelity graphics, The Getaway might seem quaint. However, for those who grew up playing it, the game retains a special charm. Its simple yet engaging gameplay, coupled with its nostalgic pixel art and catchy soundtrack, offers a welcome escape from the complexities of modern games.

Preserving the Legacy

The original GameBoy cartridges of The Getaway are becoming increasingly rare and expensive. However, thanks to the efforts of retro gaming enthusiasts, the game’s ROM file is readily available online, allowing a new generation of players to experience this classic title.


The Getaway is a timeless gem for GameBoy enthusiasts. Its innovative gameplay, engaging puzzles, and nostalgic atmosphere make it a worthwhile experience for both seasoned gamers and newcomers. With the availability of ROMs and emulators, preserving and enjoying this classic title is easier than ever. Just remember to do so responsibly and legally.

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