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Gaming has come a long way since the old days. In the early 90s, Nintendo GameBoy was the king of handheld gaming, and one of the popular games released was Rodland. A puzzle-platformer game developed by Jaleco in the arcade version, then ported to consoles and computers, including the GameBoy. With its cute graphics, catchy soundtrack, and engaging gameplay, Rodland became a hit among gamers of all ages. The GameBoy rendition of Rodland offers a unique gaming experience; it features GBtone, a specific sound format exclusive to GameBoy games. For those who are new to Rodland on GameBoy, now is the best time to rediscover its charm.


Rodland tells the story of fairy sisters, Tam and Rit, who must rescue their mother captured by an evil queen. The gameplay involves climbing platforms, avoiding enemies, and defeating bosses using a weapon called wand that shoots bubbles. The players can also blow the bubbles to trap enemies and collect fruit for points. To clear a stage, the sisters need to defeat all enemies, collect keys to open doors, and reach the exit within the time limit. The game has eight stages, each with unique backgrounds, themes, and challenges. The difficulty ramps up as the player progresses, with bosses getting tougher to beat. Thankfully, Rodland has a password system, so players can resume their progress anytime.

Graphics and Soundtrack

Rodland’s graphics are eye-catching and colorful, with detailed designs and animations. The sisters’ movements are fluid and cute, matching the game’s whimsical theme. The game also features cute enemies, such as bees, spiders, mushrooms, octopuses, and dragons. The bosses are also well-designed, featuring different patterns and movesets. One of the game’s strengths is its soundtrack, composed by Tamayo Kawamoto. It features upbeat and catchy tunes that fit the game’s cheerful and adventurous mood. Rodland uses GBtone, a unique sound format that creates a distinct sound experience exclusive to the GameBoy. The GBtone’s sound is distinct in lower quality due to GameBoy’s limited sound chip, making the music memorable and nostalgic for retro gamers.

Legacy and Remasters

Rodland has left a mark in gaming history, with its arcade version being ported to various consoles and computers. It inspired many puzzle-platformer games that followed, such as Bubble Bobble, Snow Brothers, and Kirby’s Dreamland to name a few. Its popularity also led to a collaboration between Jaleco and Nintendo to make a new game featuring the sisters called Hattrick Hero ’93. The game features a soccer-themed gameplay, still retaining the bubble-shooting of Rodland. Rodland is also available on modern devices through emulators, making it accessible to a new generation of gamers. If you’re feeling nostalgic, you can also find remasters or fan-made versions of the game, such as the PC version released in 2019.


Rodland on GameBoy is a classic puzzle-platformer game worth revisiting for its engaging gameplay, colorful graphics, and memorable music. The game’s use of GBtone creates a unique sound experience exclusive to the GameBoy, reminding us of the good old days of handheld gaming. Rodland’s influence on gaming is evident through its legacy, inspiring various games and a collaboration with Nintendo. Whether you’re a retro gamer or a newcomer looking for a fun game to play, Rodland is one of those games that never get old. So, get your wand ready, bubble up the enemies, and enjoy a whimsical adventure with Tam and Rit!

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