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Apr 1, 2024


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The GameBoy (GB) has a unique charm, especially when it comes to retro gaming. And Pri Pri – Primitive Princess ROM is no different in that regard. The 1990 release by Sunsoft may be a bit obscure, but the good puzzle design alone makes it worthwhile.

Classic Simplicity

Pri Pri is refreshingly focused on the core gameplay elements:

– You’re a caveman

– A princess you must save

– A tower stands between you and her

This simplicity allows for enjoyable puzzles that will keep your brain working the whole way through.

Patience Meets Brainpower

  • Every stage of Pri Pri – Primitive Princess! will have you tearing out your hair in anticipation of finding the right path to the exit door. It’s not an easy task, but these three things will definitely challenge you:
  • Perilous Platforms: Walking normally isn’t always an option – some floors crumble under your feet and others disappear after a short duration. Time your jumps well and proceed carefully. Think Sokoban, but more action-oriented.
  • Quirky Enemies: Bats fly around aimlessly, snails crawl around unbreakable floors, skulls block crucial paths… All enemies have distinct movement patterns that you must time your moves around or defeat cleverly. Some foes can be stunned rather than killed outright for easier navigation.
  • Item Management: Your trusty club can handle most threats with a powerful stomp after jumping at the right time. But certain opponents require special items:
  • Bombs to clear cracked floors or get rid of foes blocking tight areas.
  • Shields for temporary invincibility and quick escapes.
  • Speed Shoes to zip across timed puzzles quickly.

The Joy of Problem-Solving

It’s hard to explain exactly what kind of satisfaction is felt when one seemingly impossible level just “clicks,” but I guarantee you it’s worth all of the headaches along the way. With careful planning many steps ahead, you can overcome any obstacle – even with a caveman’s brain.

Additional Gameplay Notes

  • Limited Lives: You only get a certain number of lives to climb the tower. That said, there are plenty of opportunities to regain them along the way.
  • Hidden Secrets: Some hidden areas will reward you with various prizes or shortcuts! These are entirely optional but add some extra exploration on top of the already challenging puzzles.

Tip and Trick

Don’t let Pri Pri – Primitive Princess!’s cute art style fool you. This game is hard – very hard. But that’s half the fun! Here’s what I did to reach the princess:

  • Analyze. Move: Each level is an entirely different puzzle than the last. Don’t rush into things; take a moment before your first step every time to analyze your surroundings and come up with a plan.
  • Know Your Foes: Every enemy has predictable movement patterns – even if they seem random at first glance. Watch each foe closely so you can find their weak spots or strategize when to attack. Some enemies might even become useful tools; for example, luring a bat into a tight gap could block off an otherwise dangerous path!
  • Item Mastery: Your club and special items are powerful tools, but that doesn’t mean you need them all the time. Use bombs wisely, as most cracked floors can be crossed via disappearing tiles instead – think outside of the box! Save shields for quick escapes from tough spots and speed shoes for timed areas only when necessary.
  • Expect Failure: Pri Pri is notorious for stumping even the most seasoned puzzle solvers. Don’t let frustration win! Use each failed run as a lesson in what not to do. Was there an alternate path? Did you miss a hidden block? Think outside of the box!
  • Collectors Unite: The world of Pri Pri is filled with secrets. Pay close attention to your surroundings and experiment with different items. You might discover a shortcut or snag an extra life.
  • Tip of the Iceberg: The basic mechanics are easy enough, but have you ever thought about luring enemies into tight spaces before? Try it out and see if it helps get them off your back!

Why Play Pri Pri – Primitive Princess! Today

  • In a world where graphics keep getting better and worlds keep getting bigger, games like Pri Pri – Primitive Princess! offer a breath of fresh air for that old-school itch. Here’s why you should give this decade-old handheld title a shot:
  • Old-School Appeal: The pixel graphics are oozing with nostalgia, along with the bouncy tunes pumping through your speakers.
  • Easy to Pick Up, Hard to Put Down: Load up any level in the game and you’ll instantly know what to do – beat those bad guys! But as simple as it seems, expect some tougher challenges down the road.
  • Puzzle Master: There’s something oh so satisfying about finishing off a level by solving its puzzle pieces one by one.

Final Thoughts

Pri Pri – Primitive Princess! has everything needed for a great game packed inside its tiny cartridge. Don’t brush off this Game Boy classic just because it’s almost 30 years old. Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or someone just looking for something new, give this one a go – we dare you not to get addicted!

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