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Nov 16, 2023


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For gamers who love the thrill of a good action-packed game, you may want to add Oni 2 – Innin Densetsu ROM to your list of must-plays on GameBoy (GB). This game is a classic that has stood the test of time since its release in 1992. Oni 2 – Innin Densetsu is a platformer game that heightens your reflexes and challenges your strategic thinking. It is fast-paced, filled with different enemies and various modes to play. If you have not heard of Oni 2 and are looking for the best action-packed game for the GameBoy, then read ahead for more on why Oni 2 is a must-play.

Exciting Gameplay Experience

Oni 2 – Innin Densetsu ROM is all about a young ninja who has to fight his way through various enemies, from soldiers to strange creatures on each level to complete different tasks. The game is a platformer, starting from the forest level, which eases you into the game. From there, it gets a lot more challenging, and you get to unlock different abilities and power-ups, each with its gameplay style, to help you maneuver your way through different levels. The game is designed to encourage you to strategize and think creatively to find the best path to progress.

Simple but Effective Controls

One great feature of Oni 2 – Innin Densetsu is its ease of control on the GameBoy, though the game is fast-paced, the controls are simple to understand, which makes playing the game a lot more fun. As you progress, you will discover that the simplicity of the controls is what adds to the game’s fun. Each button has a specific function, and different combinations will give you a new skill or technique that will help you to overcome each level’s challenges.

Interesting Level Designs

With nineteen levels, Oni 2 – Innin Densetsu game environment is designed to keep you entertained with interesting backgrounds that change with every level you conquer. Each level has its challenges and its charm. Some levels are filled with different terrain obstacles, and others mix stealth with battle techniques. These challenges give the game a lot of replay value, as you keep coming back again and again to discover new secrets or the best possible path to take.

Customizable Gameplay Style

The game offers three different gameplay styles, which are the Fighter, Ninja, and Magic user. Each style has its unique abilities and strengths, each perfect for specific circumstances. The gameplay style you choose determines the type of weapon and skill you have and how you can use them to tackle various enemies throughout the game. This feature makes the game versatile and makes it easy to replay as a different gameplay style, making the game more interesting to play.

Multiplayer Mode

Oni 2 – Innin Densetsu has a two-player mode that you can enjoy with a friend who also has the GameBoy and the game Link Cable. This feature allows you to play the game with your friend and compete with them to see who can finish the level faster, or defense game mode. The multiplayer mode adds to the game’s replay value, introducing a new level of fun and competition between friends.


Oni 2 – Innin Densetsu ROM is a classic game that packs a punch. It is a great game for anyone looking to play a fast-paced action-packed game on the GameBoy. The game’s design and gameplay are still relevant even today, and the game’s versatility and replay value make it a must-play for any game enthusiasts. The game has a beautiful pixelated environment, exciting background music that complements the gameplay, and a multiplayer mode that offers a new dimension of fun and competition. Get it and play, Oni 2 – Innin Densetsu is a game that you do not want to miss.

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