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Aug 25, 2023


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Calling all gamers! Ever heard of Nettou King of Fighters ’95 ROM for GameBoy? If you haven’t, you’re missing out on one of the best game releases in history! For those of you who love classic fighting games, this is definitely worth checking out! This game is filled with special moves, combos, and attacks that will keep you entertained for hours. With that said, let’s dive into the details about this game and why it’s so special.

What is Nettou King of Fighters ’95 ROM?

Nettou King of Fighters ’95 ROM is a classic fighting game that was released in 1996, developed by SNK. It’s part of the King of Fighters franchise and is actually the fifth game in the series. It was first released in arcades, but then ported to various consoles, including GameBoy in 1997. The game is very similar to other fighting games of the time, such as Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat, but it has its own unique features and gameplay.

What are the features and gameplay of Nettou King of Fighters ’95 ROM?

The gameplay of this game involves two fighters battling against each other until one of them runs out of health. The game has a total of 14 fighters, each with their own unique moves and combos. The goal is to beat all the other fighters and become the King of Fighters.

What sets this game apart from other fighting games is the team battles. Players can choose three fighters and switch between them during the battle. This adds an extra level of strategy to the game and allows for more varied gameplay.

How do you play Nettou King of Fighters ’95 ROM on GameBoy?

To play Nettou King of Fighters ’95 ROM on GameBoy, you’ll need to download a ROM file and a GameBoy emulator. The ROM file is the digital copy of the game that you can download from various websites. The emulator is the software that allows you to play the ROM file on your computer or mobile device.

Once you have both the ROM file and emulator, it’s pretty easy to get started. Open the emulator and select the ROM file to start playing. You can use your computer keyboard or game controller to play the game. Just make sure that you have a strong enough CPU and graphics card to handle the emulation.

What makes Nettou King of Fighters ’95 ROM so special?

There are a few things that make Nettou King of Fighters ’95 ROM stand out from other games of its time. First, the team battles add an extra level of depth to the gameplay. Secondly, the graphics and sound of the game are top-notch for a GameBoy release. Finally, the game offers a good challenge that satisfies both casual and hardcore players.


In conclusion, Nettou King of Fighters ’95 ROM is a gem of a game that every gamer should try. Its unique features, gameplay, and challenge make it stand out from other fighting games of its time. If you’re looking for a classic fighting game that is both entertaining and challenging, you won’t be disappointed with Nettou King of Fighters ’95 ROM. So what are you waiting for? Download the ROM file and emulator, and start playing today!

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