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Oct 7, 2023


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If you’re a fan of retro gaming, then the NBA Live series is most likely on your radar. The earliest games in the franchise date back to the 90s, and they’ve remained incredibly popular among basketball fans and gamers alike. In particular, NBA Live 96 on GameBoy (GB) stands out as one of the most memorable basketball games of its time. But what made it so special? In this post, we’ll take a trip down memory lane and explore what makes the NBA Live 96 ROM on GameBoy still relevant today.

Graphical Improvements

Compared to its predecessors and contemporaries, the NBA Live 96 ROM on GameBoy represented a significant step forward in graphics. While the resolution and fidelity of GameBoy games are notoriously limited, the game developers were still able to create a visually appealing experience. Players were rendered in a recognizable form, and they moved around the court with fluidity and realism.

Intuitive Controls

Even with the limitations of the handheld platform, the NBA Live 96 ROM’s controls were simple and intuitive to pick up. You had two main buttons at your disposal – one for passing, and another for shooting. The directional pad allowed for easy movement around the court, and characters responded quickly and precisely to your inputs.

Stellar Sound Design

GameBoy speakers weren’t exactly known for producing high-quality sound, but that didn’t stop developers from creating an immersive audio experience. NBA Live 96’s soundtrack featured catchy and dynamic background music that matched the fast pace of the game. Additionally, sound effects like the swish of a basket or the squeak of sneakers added an extra layer of realism to the experience.

Comprehensive Stats Tracking

One of the most impressive features of the NBA Live 96 ROM was its in-depth tracking of stats. You could keep tabs on individual player performance, team standings, and more. This added a great deal of replayability and strategy to the game, as you could tweak your playstyle to improve stats like rebounds or field goal percentage.

The Essence of NBA Live

Ultimately, what made NBA Live 96 stand out was its ability to capture the essence of basketball in a handheld format. From the feel of the controls to the presentation of the game, it was clear that the developers understood what made basketball fun and exciting. Even today, nearly three decades later, the game remains a testament to the creativity and passion of game developers of yesteryear.


If you’re a fan of retro gaming, NBA Live 96 ROM on GameBoy is a must-play title. While it may seem simplistic compared to modern basketball games, it’s important to remember that it was a product of its time. The development team did an incredible job of balancing the technical limitations of the platform with what makes basketball an exciting sport. From the graphics to the sound design, NBA Live 96 ROM on GameBoy stands out as a testament to the creativity of game developers in the 90s. So fire up your emulator or dust off your old GameBoy and experience this classic basketball game for yourself!

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