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Remember the colorful clown who delighted arcade-goers with his digging, monster-defeating antics? If you haven’t played Mr. Do! ROM for GameBoy (GB), you’re missing out on a true retro classic. Introduced by Universal in 1982, this deceptively simple maze game holds deeper strategic elements that might surprise those expecting a casual romp.

Gameplay: More Than Meets the Eye

At first glance, Mr. Do! seems straightforward: collect cherries, avoid monsters, repeat. But there’s more to it than that! Your power ball, initially a defensive tool, becomes your key asset. Mastering its bounces and ricochets is crucial to taking down enemies and setting up those satisfying multi-monster crushes with falling blocks.

Digging takes center stage too. It’s not blind burrowing; clever tunnel placement can lure those relentless monsters to their doom. Mastering the art of digging strategically is vital for surviving the increasingly chaotic later levels.


  • The Art of the Bounce: Your Power Ball isn’t just a point-and-shoot weapon. Learn to control its angles off walls and obstacles for creative takedowns. Plan ahead as it will always return to you – set yourself up for an easy catch to maintain your offensive tempo.
  • Block Master: Each breakable block is a potential weapon. Analyze the board’s layout and think several moves ahead. Can you trigger a chain of falling blocks to eliminate multiple enemies at once? Strategic block-breaking adds a puzzle element to the arcade action.
  • Monster Manipulation: While relentless, monsters aren’t unpredictable. Each type moves with specific patterns. Use their movements against them! Create mazes and traps, leading them into a path of destruction, whether it’s well-timed Power Ball shot or crushing block.
  • Risk vs. Reward: The “EXTRA” Gamble: Sometimes, ignoring a few cherries early on to spell the word “EXTRA” can pay off. That diamond offers a huge points boost but requires tactical sacrifice. Can you handle the increased monster pressure while setting up for that bonus?

Pro Tips for the Cherry-Hungry

  • Monster Munchies: Defeating an enemy leaves a temporary apple. It’s tempting to grab it but beware! Any chasing monster can eat it, making them move significantly faster. This can be used to your advantage, though – lure the sped-up monsters into a trap!
  • The Maze Builder: Don’t just dig randomly. Plan routes that give you escape options while funneling monsters into convenient chokepoints for Power Ball strikes or crushing blows.
  • Patience is a Virtue Although a fast-paced game, sometimes the best tactic is observing for a moment. Analyze monster positions and the board’s layout before making your next move.

Master the Mechanics for Cherry-Collecting Triumph

  • Power Ball Expert: Practice controlling your ball’s trajectory. Time those bounces off walls to take down foes in tight spots.
  • Strategic Tunneling: Think like a maze architect! Create chokepoints, trap zones, and escape routes as part of your plan.
  • Monster Manipulation: Learn how different monsters move to predict their paths.
  • Cherry Chain Master: Snagging cherries in quick succession racks up bonus points, rewarding efficiency.
  • Patience Pays Off: Mr. Do! is one of those games where frantic button-mashing often yields less than carefully observed play does.

Mr. Do! in Retro Gaming History

  • Other than its addictive nature, Mr. Do! has a notable place in the history of retro gaming.
  • This was such an incredibly popular game that it saw several home console ports and sequels like Neo Mr. Do! and Mr. Do’s Castle.
  • The graphics were full of color, sound effects catchy to the ear, character design endearing; hallmarks of this golden age of arcades.

Fun Facts About Mr. Do!

Alpha Monsters: Initially, fearsome Alpha Monsters existed which also had the ability to dig tunnels!

Inspiration: The mechanics of Namco’s Dig Dug became the inspiration for none other than the creator of Mr. Do!

Hidden Details: Those cherries change colors as levels increase – an easy difficulty gauge!

A Retro Gem Worth Revisiting

Mr. Do! still stands as proof that simply designed arcade games with good playability will always have fans. Whether you’re just starting out or have been a retro gamer for some time now, there is something about this classic game that will appeal to everyone interested in action, strategy and a sprinkle of clowning around.

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