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Dec 21, 2023


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Gaming has come a long way over the years, and with the advent of emulators, fans can now relive classic games from their youth or discover new ones that they may have missed. One such game that captured hearts during its release in 1993 was the Metal Masters ROMGameBoy (GB). With its retro design and gameplay, it still manages to captivate the attention of players today. This article is going to provide you with a comprehensive guide on all you need to know about Metal Masters ROM – GameBoy (GB).

Gameplay and Features

Metal Masters is a fighting game where players control robots and engage in battles. It features a campaign mode, where players take on the challenge of defeating all the robots to become the champion, and a versus mode for two players. The game has ten different robots with unique special moves, and it allows customization of the robots with new weapons and modules purchased from winning battles. The gameplay is relatively easy to understand, with the use of three buttons to control and attack your opponents.

How to Download the ROM

To relive those moments from the past or try out the game for the first time, you will need to download the Metal Masters ROM. Many websites offer the game’s ROM, but you need to ensure that you download it from a trusted source to avoid infecting your device with malware. After downloading the ROM, you should download an emulator to run the game on your device. Some popular emulators that work with GameBoy game files include VisualBoy Advance, No$GBA, and mGBA.

Current State of the Game

It has been almost three decades since Metal Masters was released for Gameboy, but the game’s fanbase still exists. The game’s simplicity and old-style graphics continue to appeal to players who want to relive the golden age of gaming. Developers have even released a fan-made patch to update and fix some glitches and compatibility issues. The game’s original publisher, Electro Brain, went out of business in 1997, meaning there is no chance of an official remake or release of the game.

The Appeal of Retro Games

The resurgence of retro gaming could be attributed to the deirection that mainstream video game production is taking. With advancements in technology, developers focus more on graphics and creating games that mimic real life. However, some gamers prefer the old classics that stood the test of time, where the gameplay was enough to keep players hooked. Retro games like Metal Masters offer an experience that doesn’t require much of a time investment. They offer pick-up-and-play gaming that can be easily accessible to anyone, anywhere.

The Future of Emulation

Emulation is the process of running a game on a piece of hardware or software that was not meant to run that game. The legality behind emulation is quite complex with copyright laws and ownership concerns posed by the game’s original owners. However, in many situations, emulation is legal as long as the user owns an original copy of the game. The future of emulation is bright, with a growing demand for classic games. We can expect more advanced emulation software that offers a better gaming experience and possible partnerships with game developers that could present legal ways to purchase old games.


In conclusion, Metal Masters ROM – GameBoy (GB) will always remain a classic game that players will always revisit. With its straightforward gameplay and low graphics requirements, it offers an experience that is hard to replicate in modern games. There is no harm in trying out this game, and with the abundance of emulators and ROMs available, you can easily play it on your preferred device. So relive those bygone years and let the metal battles commence.

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