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May 18, 2023


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For many people like myself, the era of arcade gaming was a very memorable time. Galaga and Galaxian were two of the most popular games in the arcade world that brought endless hours of entertainment. If you were born in that era and you had a collection of gaming systems built up, then it’s likely that you spent a lot of time playing Galaga and Galaxian. However, what many gamers didn’t know was that these games had evolved and made their way into the GameBoy (GB) platform, via their ROMs.

The Basics of GameBoy(GB) and its Emulators

GameBoy (GB) is a handheld game console that was released in 1989 by Nintendo. It was one of Nintendo’s most successful consoles, selling over 119 million copies worldwide. The GameBoy had a great library of games that brought together classic arcade-style games and cutting-edge titles. The good news is, with emulators like Visual Boy Advance (VBA), you can install and play your favorite games on your computer.

The Essence of Playing Galaga & Galaxian

Galaga and Galaxian are single-player games that are based on the classic gameplay of the original arcade versions. Your mission is to shoot down enemy spaceships while avoiding enemy fire. The gameplay in Galaxian is slightly easier compared to Galaga because you can only shoot straight ahead while in Galaga, you can shoot in multiple directions.

Where Can You Find Their Rom Version?

Luckily, both Galaga and Galaxian have ROM versions available for the GameBoy. You can download these ROMs from various sources such as emuparadise, coolroms, etc. Once you’ve downloaded the ROMs, you can play the games on popular emulators like VBA that are available for both Windows and Mac. You can also enjoy the games on handheld devices like PSP, Android, iOS, and other supported devices.

Joy of Playing on Handheld Devices like PSP

The PSP is an excellent portable gaming device that has been around for many years. The PSP’s library includes a vast array of games, and Galaga and Galaxian are among them. To install these games on your PSP, you first need to install custom firmware (CFW). You can then download and install the emulator, followed by the respective ROMs. Once you’re done, you can enjoy the games on your PSP.


In conclusion, playing Galaga and Galaxian is a great way to revisit the arcade gaming days of the past. The GameBoy version of these games provides a strategically satisfying gaming experience. The best part is, you can play these games on different platforms ranging from computer to PSP. With the right emulator and handy ROM, you can relive the old arcade days and enjoy hours of fun.

So, grab your GameBoy today and start playing! And if you don’t have a GameBoy, no worries, you can still play these games on your computer or portable devices. Have fun.

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