Desert Strike – Return To The Gulf (Ocean)

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Oct 25, 2023


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If you are a fan of the GameBoy game console and love action-packed games, then Desert Strike – Return To The Gulf (Ocean) ROM is something you would love to try. Originally, designed and released by Electronic Arts for Sega Genesis in 1992, the game is a military-themed top-down shooter game in which you control a helicopter, fighting through several levels with unique objectives, such as rescuing hostages, destroying enemy bases, and re-fueling. Here we’ll talk about the ultimate thrill you can experience by playing Desert Strike – Return To The Gulf (Ocean) ROM on your GameBoy.

Engaging Gameplay

Desert Strike – Return To The Gulf (Ocean) ROM is a challenging and engaging game that will keep players occupied for hours. It puts you in the cockpit of an AH-64 Apache helicopter and tasks you with completing specific objectives, which includes protecting your base, leading rescue missions, and blowing up enemy bomb silos. As you complete each level and advance through the game, the tasks become more challenging and require strategic planning, agility, and quick reflexes.

Great Graphics

Despite being 28 years old, Desert Strike – Return To The Gulf (Ocean) ROM’s graphics still hold up well and are impressive for its time. Each level is designed to look unique with varied terrains, and the helicopter’s movements are smooth. The little details like explosion effects or the way the vehicles move make the game environment more realistic and immersive. The sound effects such as the sound of the fan blades whirling along with the whir of the helicopter blades, or gunfire add to the excitement of the game.

Multiple Levels and Objectives

There are four major campaigns in Desert Strike – Return To The Gulf (Ocean) ROM, each consisting of four to five missions. Each campaign has its own set of objectives, and you need to adapt and change strategies to complete them. With each level, the action gets more intense, and you’ll face tougher enemies with stronger weapons. Conquering each level is rewarding and sets you up with new challenges to overcome.

Unique Game Design

Desert Strike – Return To The Gulf (Ocean) ROM’s game design sets it apart from other games of its era. The game offers players the chance to customize the helicopter’s weapons and upgrade them as they progress. You can even change the order in which your weapons fire to suit your playing style. It adds an extra layer of strategy, allowing you to take on the mission your way while still adhering to the objectives. The game doesn’t fail to amaze its players with its captivating storyline and interesting voice lines that keep you engaged.

ROM Advantages

Being a GameBoy ROM, you can play Desert Strike – Return To The Gulf (Ocean) on your handheld device or on your computer using an emulator. It offers all the advantages of a ROM, such as saving your progress, playing up to the level you want, and remote emulator functions. You can also customize the controls and screen size when playing on an emulator. Moreover, ROMs provide you with a chance to play all your favorite classic games with superior quality graphics, sounds, and improved performance.


In conclusion, Desert Strike – Return To The Gulf (Ocean) ROM is undoubtedly one of the must-try games for any GameBoy enthusiast. Its engaging gameplay, exceptional graphics, multiple levels, and objectives, unique game design all packed with intense actions make it an absolute thrill to play. The added advantages of ROMs, like customizable controls and screen sizes, make it an even more satisfying experience. So, get ready to jump right into the cockpit of your helicopter and soar the skies in this amazing game, and experience the sheer rush of this all-time favorite action-packed game.

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