Desert Strike – Return To The Gulf (Malibu)

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Oct 5, 2023


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If you’re a fan of retro games, then you must have played or heard of Desert Strike – Return to The Gulf (Malibu) ROM. It was one of the most popular games in the early ‘90s and is still played by many today. This game was a big hit among GameBoy users and is regarded as a classic action-strategy game. It brought a new level of thrill to the gaming industry, and if you’ve not played it yet, then you’re missing out on a great experience. In this post, we’ll be discussing why this game is still worth playing and what made it so popular.


Desert Strike is a military game that’s set in the Persian Gulf during the early ‘90s, where players take the role of an Apache helicopter pilot. The objective is to stop General Kilbaba, an evil dictator who has taken over an Arab nation, by using various military tactics. Your orders are to destroy enemy bases, tanks, helicopter gunships, and rescue captured fellow soldiers. The game is filled with intense action, unexpected events, and strategic gameplay, making it an exciting experience.


The gameplay of Desert Strike is what draws players back to it. The controls are simple yet challenging, and the game has a perfect balance of action and strategy. As a player, you need to manage your limited ammunition, fuel, and health while attempting to complete your objectives. You have to plan your moves carefully and decide where to go first, which mission to take on, and what weapon to use for each task. These features make the game feel more life-like, giving you the impression that you’re more than just playing a game.

Graphics and Sound

Despite being an old game, Desert Strike’s graphics and sound still hold up today. The game’s visuals were advanced for its time and had a unique cartoonish style that made it visually appealing. The sound effects are also captivating, from the sounds of helicopter propellers to missile launches – they immerse you in the game’s atmosphere.


Though the game came out over 30 years ago, there were still criticisms about the game. Some felt the game glorified war and made it seem too easy to win. Others believed that it was too violent, and the storyline was too one-sided. However, these criticisms did not stop many players from enjoying the game.


Desert Strike – Return to The Gulf (Malibu) ROM is a classic action-strategy game that has left a lasting impact on the gaming industry. It is a great game to play if you’re looking for a challenging, strategic, and action-packed gameplay experience. The game is easy to learn, but it will take time to master. It is still a favorite game for many retro gamers worldwide, and you should definitely consider playing it if you haven’t yet. Overall, Desert Strike is a timeless classic that deserves a place in every gamer’s library.

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