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Jun 5, 2023


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Game Boy enthusiasts would say that some of their childhood memories have revolved around classic games that have made their day. One such game that easily comes to mind is Contra ROM for Game Boy. It was an old school game that your parents loved and your grandparents might have even played. But with the nostalgia factor aside, it’s time to discover why this game is timeless and even worth playing today.

Contra ROM was first released in Japan in 1987 and became a big hit worldwide. The game centers on two special forces operatives named Bill Rizer and Lance Bean fighting to save the planet Earth from an alien invasion. The game’s challenging difficulty and diverse levels made it unique and exciting to play. From the jungle to the enemy base, each level was different and seemed to surprise the player with new weapons and power-ups.

The gameplay is side-scrolling, and the player must take control of the two characters to complete levels by jumping, dodging bullets, and shooting enemies. One of the game’s main highlight features is the availability of power-ups such as machine guns, lasers, and spread guns, which help upgrade the characters’ abilities. The game also received praise for its two-player mode, which allowed for cooperative gameplay. This added an extra layer of excitement to the game since you could team up with another player to fight off the aliens.

Contra ROM for Game Boy may not have intense graphics compared to modern games, but the gameplay is incredibly engaging, and the soundtrack is catchy and fits the game’s themes perfectly. The sound effects, like the sound of guns firing and when you grab an item, all aid in building immersion.

While the game creators intended Contra ROM to be played on actual Game Boy devices, gamers who want to relive their nostalgia can still enjoy the game today by using emulation software. These third-party emulation programs allow computers and other digital devices to mimic GameBoy to run older games like Contra on their platform. One of the significant advantages of playing via emulation is that you no longer have to swap out old batteries and worry about the memory. This means that Contra ROM can still be an exciting and challenging game to play, over 30 years after its initial release.


Contra ROM is undoubtedly a classic game that has stood the test of time. The gameplay remains exciting and challenging after all these years and is entirely accessible to new and old gamers alike. Its soundtrack, diverse levels, and availability of power-ups are just a few reasons why it has remained very popular for decades. If you haven’t played Contra ROM for Game Boy, you should definitely give it a try. You might be surprised at how much you’ll enjoy the game and its timeless gameplay.

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