Bubble Bobble Jr.

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Mar 30, 2024


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Do you remember playing Bubble Bobble back in the day? Did you battle baddies and blow bubbles for hours on end? If so, then Bubble Bobble Jr. ROM is the game for you. This game made its way to the Game Boy (GB) in 1993, allowing players to dive back into the bubbly action. Take control of Bub and Bob as they float around each level. This platforming experience is perfect for retro gaming fans.

The Classic Bubble Blowing Mechanic

Bubble Bobble Jr. Jr’s gameplay is very straightforward but incredibly fun. As either Bub or Bob, your main objective is to trap enemies inside of bubbles! Once captured, you can pop them for power-ups and more points! These power-ups are crucial if you intend on beating every level. They help you blow larger bubbles, go faster, and provide other helpful abilities that make these levels that much easier. Every stage presents a new obstacle course. You have to navigate platforms while outsmarting foes at every turn.

The Beautiful Pixel Art Style

The developers did an amazing job scaling down the graphics from the arcade version. When each enemy dies, they burst into fruit that will give you bonus points! The music is lively and matches the art style of this game perfectly as well. Whether it’s nostalgia or intrigue bringing you here today, Bubble Bobble Jr. delivers nothing but pure gaming satisfaction.

Why Should You Play Bubble Bobble Jr.?

This particular title appeals to both casual and experienced gamers alike. The beginning stages do a great job of easing players into what’s expected of them later on in the game. Without much background knowledge on bubble bouncing or enemy patterns; it may be hard to progress past some levels without trial and error though! It’ll take some time understanding how these mechanics work together! Plus who could say no to blowing bubbles as cute little dragons.

Tips & Tricks For Your Adventure

  • Learn how to control your angle when you blow bubbles. This will allow you to capture enemies from farther distances.
  • With so many power-ups available, it’s hard to tell which ones will work best for you. However, don’t be afraid to test them out as they may make tough levels much easier.
  • Practice patience when playing this game as well. Some foes require multiple bubble hits before capturing them completely. Don’t rush or get too close until the coast is clear.

It’s Time To Revisit A Classic

Once you get going with Bubble Bobble Jr. there’s no way you’ll want to put it down. The simplistic nature of this platforming game keeps players engaged for hours on end. If you’re looking for something lighthearted that’ll keep your mind occupied; give Bubble Bobble Jr. a try! I promise you won’t be disappointed by what this classic Game Boy title has in store for gamers today.

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