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Oct 4, 2023


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Are you a true gamer who loves solving puzzles? Then Boxxle 2 ROM on GameBoy (GB) is the perfect game for you. Boxxle 2 ROM is a sequel to the Boxxle game series which is popular among gamers, and it takes the gaming experience to another level. This game involves pushing boxes to certain positions without leaving any box behind. With Boxxle 2 ROM, you can engage in puzzle-solving challenges wherever and whenever you want. The game offers a unique and challenging gameplay experience that will keep you hooked for hours.


Boxxle 2 ROM is set in the world of a fictional box manufacturing company called Boxxle Inc. In this game, you have to help the protagonist, a box engineer named Willy, move boxes around various levels in the factory. The game includes more than one hundred levels with varying difficulties that will challenge your puzzle-solving skills. You can use different techniques and strategies to overcome them.


In Boxxle 2 ROM, you move the boxes by pushing them around to certain destinations without getting them stuck behind other boxes or walls. The game offers different types of boxes with varying properties such as bouncy boxes and fragile boxes. The game has a time limit that adds to the excitement, and you also have the option to undo your moves. You can use more advanced techniques such as pushing two boxes at once, or a box and a wall, to solve tricky levels.

Graphics and Sound Effects

Boxxle 2 ROM features updated graphics and sound effects that enhance the overall gaming experience. The world of Boxxle Inc is displayed in 2D format, and the graphics are clear and colorful. The music and sound effects are also outstanding and match the action on the screen.


Boxxle 2 ROM is compatible with GameBoy (GB) and can be easily downloaded and played on emulators for PC, Mac, and mobile. The ROM has been tested and works on different emulator platforms such as VBA, No$GMB, and myBoy. It can be downloaded for free online from reputable ROM websites.

Future Prospects

Boxxle 2 ROM has left a long-lasting impact on the gaming industry, and it continues to be a popular game among gamers. The development community is still active, which means that gamers can expect new levels and mods to come out in the future. This game has inspired several similar games, such as Sokoban and Push Boxes, which have also gained popularity among gamers.


Boxxle 2 ROM is an absolute must-play for any gamer who loves solving puzzles. The game offers a unique and challenging gameplay experience that will keep your mind engaged for hours on end. With its updated graphics and sound effects, combined with the option of playing on different platforms, Boxxle 2 ROM is sure to provide you with an enjoyable, engaging, and convenient gaming experience. So why not give it a try today and embark on an epic journey with Wily to help him move those boxes around the factory? You won’t be disappointed!

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