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If you are a fan of tactical games, you should definitely check out XCOM: Enemy Unknown. This game by Firaxis Studios is a tribute to the 1994 classic, UFO: Enemy Unknown, and offers a thrilling gaming experience across a variety of platforms. Whether you are playing on your PC or your mobile device, XCOM: Enemy Unknown will have you hooked from the very beginning.

The Storyline and Characters

The storyline of XCOM: Enemy Unknown is an engaging mix of sci-fi and strategy. The game is set in a future where aliens have invaded the earth, and your job as the commander of XCOM, a secret military organization, is to protect the planet from the alien threat. The game’s characters are well-developed, and each has its own unique backstory and personality. From your squad of elite soldiers to the chief scientist and engineer, all the characters play a vital role in your mission to save the earth.

The Tactical Gameplay

What sets XCOM: Enemy Unknown apart from other tactical games is its turn-based gameplay. You have to plan your moves strategically and be prepared for anything as the aliens can attack at any time. The game has a range of enemies, each with its own strengths and weaknesses, and you need to plan your attacks accordingly. You can also customize your squad of soldiers and equip them with the latest weapons and armor.

The Base Management

In XCOM: Enemy Unknown, you also have to manage your secret base, which acts as the headquarters for all your operations. You can build facilities, research new technologies, and hire new personnel to help you in your mission. The base management aspect of the game adds a whole new layer of depth and strategy to the gameplay.

The Graphics and Sound

The graphics and sound effects in XCOM: Enemy Unknown are top-notch. The game has a realistic and immersive environment, and the sound effects make you feel like you are really in the midst of a battle. The aliens’ designs are also impressive, and the attention to detail is evident in every aspect of the game.

The Replay value

XCOM: Enemy Unknown is a game that you can play over and over again. The game has multiple difficulty levels, and the random missions ensure that each playthrough is a different experience. The game also has a robust online community, which offers various mods and customizations that add to the game’s replay value.


XCOM: Enemy Unknown is a game that has something for everyone, whether you are a hardcore gamer or just starting. The game’s storyline, characters, and tactical gameplay create a thrilling and engaging experience that will keep you hooked for hours. The graphics and sound effects are impressive, and the base management adds a whole new layer of strategy to the gameplay. The game’s replay value is also high, making it a must-play for all gaming enthusiasts.

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