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Apr 23th, 2024


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Survivors, it’s your attention I need.  If you are looking for a barren but exciting escapade, get ready for I Am Alive, an action-adventure game on Playstation 3 that immerses you into the core of post-apocalyptic world. Developed by Ubisoft Shanghai, this game allows you to sense what it feels like to be an anonymous hero amidst a ruined city in search of his family.

TechToRoms.com presents a comprehensive guide to the world of I Am Alive. Let us have a look at its fascinating storyline, the gameplay mechanics and some tips which we will tell you that can augment your chances for survival.

A Story of Loss and Resilience

The events take place after whatever has led to the global catastrophe. The cities are destroyed and populations try to survive in conditions of want and danger. You play as someone who lost his wife and daughter during this catastrophe. Determined by firmness only you make your way through deserted urban area with an ardent hope to meet again with those who were dear.

Gameplay: Climbing, Combat, and Cunning

I Am Alive combines exploration, resource management and action-packed fighting in unique manner. The main gameplay is about getting through dangerous locations. Use your agility and effective climbing mechanisms to clamber out from falling constructions, scale steep walls or manage treacherous barriers. Mind every step because it might cost lives.

You have nothing better in life than managing resources if you want to live till tomorrow. Foodstuffs are scarce here; clean water is one helluva treasure here! To keep yourself alive, loot everything possible; sow wisely use whatever you possess until life adds up into something meaningful or worthless but dead since even an inch more could save them.

Combat encounters in I Am Alive are intense and unforgiving. Scavengers hate you and are going to kill you in the process. Learn how to use any weapon available for your survival or else death is waiting on your way. There is one thing you should remember- stealth and intelligence can be your greatest friends.

The Post-Apocalyptic Setting: Beauty in Decay

I Am Alive – post-apocalyptic world which is both hauntingly beautiful and ruthlessly severe. The previously vibrant urbanscape now lies in ruins, hanging under an oppressive atmosphere. Vegetation has slowly taken over dilapidated buildings as nature returns back to reclaim its territory. What’s left of a civilized society is a painful reminder of what we have lost.

However, there was beauty amid decay as well. Sunsets cast their eerie glow upon the broken skyline while some greenery still survived somewhere on the surface of the earth where they sprout from. This contrast between devastation and resilience adds layers to the game’s mood.


I Am Alive provides a distinctive and thought-provoking experience that goes beyond mere survival; it is a story about hope for better future but staying strong all the time despite it all, courageously facing difficulties whenever they arise, thus displaying indomitable spirit of humankind at large surviving civilization’s fall in I Am Alive creates unforgettable memories by making people reflect on how fragile civilization is when compared to human determination or resolve that may stand firm through anything.

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