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Apr 27th, 2024


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Do you recall when video games were a one-way street? You would sit down and pummel buttons until something happened on the screen. In 2010, Start the Party for PlayStation 3 broke that mold. As a launch title for the revolutionary PlayStation Move controller, it opened up an augmented reality (AR) gaming experience in which your living room became a dynamic, interactive playground.

This guide will take you through every aspect of “Start the Party,” an electrifying PS3 game. Whether you’re a veteran of party games or someone throwing a party who wants to know what will go over best with guests, this guide gives you the information to unleash everything that “Start the Party” has to offer.

The First One There: What Start the Party is All About

Developed by Supermassive Games and published by Sony Computer Entertainment, “Start the Party” is a multiplayer party game like no other. As a launch title for the PlayStation Move controller, it uses this technology to its fullest potential in order to create an immersive atmosphere at your next gathering. Players use Move controllers’ motion-sensing capabilities to interact with what they see on-screen as they play — where does reality end and fantasy begin?

“Start the Party’s” core gameplay consists of many different exciting mini-games that will test your reflexes, coordination skills and ability to work as part of a team. These mini-games cover all sorts of genres and themes so that people with different tastes can find something fun no matter how old they are. Between swatting flies and creating works of art, battling misbehaving spirits or getting involved in silly dancing contests, there’s never going to be enough time for laughter during “Start the Party.”

Getting Ready For The Event: Equipment Requirements

If you want an experience like nothing else with “Start The Party,” then make sure you’ve got these things:

PlayStation 3 Console – This is where the game will run, so it’s pretty important.

  • PlayStation Move Controllers – The game’s heart and soul. Equipped with motion sensors as well as a glowing orb, these babies capture your movement and translate them into in-game actions. You can have up to four people playing at once with “Start the Party,” but how many controllers you need depends on how many players there are.
  • PlayStation Eye Camera – Although not required, the PlayStation Eye camera adds voice recognition and facial recognition capabilities to “Start The Party.” This way, the game can respond when you say something or make a funny face while playing!

And So It Begins! A Look At The Gameplay

The great thing about “Start the Party” is that anyone can pick it up and play after only a few minutes of instruction. Players gather around their TV sets, pick an avatar then enter into one of the game’s many vibrant worlds. From here, a colorful menu offers various different mini-games, each with its own unique objective and gameplay mechanic. Players take turns navigating through this menu system selecting challenges ensuring everyone gets a chance to shine their skills!

After choosing a mini-game, the objective becomes clear from the on-screen instructions as well as the controls needed for it. Then players grab their PlayStation Move controllers and get ready to be transported into an augmented reality setting. The game puts virtual objects onto real life captured by the PlayStation Eye camera if connected which makes a bridge between real world and digital space even blurrier.

The Variety is Beautiful: A Look at All the Mini-Games

What makes “Start the Party” so special is its range of different mini-games available. Some are fast-paced where you have to hit pesky flies or dodge falling stuff, others are dance-offs that remind us of classic party games while being hilarious and funny. Some require cooperation among players who must use Move controllers as brushes to paint together on one canvas, solve puzzles or navigate through dangerous augmented reality worlds filled with obstacles.

Personal Story: During one of our recent game nights with friends we got completely sucked into this one called “Ghost Hunter”. We had these flashlights attached to our Move controllers and were meant to shine them around the room trying to catch these virtual ghosts that were popping up all over the place. You could see how scared we were on those pictures taken by PS Eye – laughing like crazy but also genuinely freaking out!

No matter which mini-game you pick it’s always about having fun together and feeling like part of something bigger than just staring at TV screen alone.

More Than Meets The Eye: Extra Features in Start The Party

While mini-games may be considered core gameplay elements there are still many things that make “Start the Party” even more exciting:

  • Customization Options: Players can dress up their avatars in various outfits representing different characters with unique personality traits thus letting everyone show off who they really are aside from competing against each other directly within game itself! Imagine painting as pirate captain or dancing as disco robot – sounds fun right?
  • Difficulty Levels: To cater for people of different ages and skills “Start the Party” offers multiple difficulty settings. This way beginners can start off on easier levels where controls are simpler allowing them to get used to basics while having a good time interacting with rest part around it too. On other hand experienced gamers might want greater challenge thus trying higher difficulties that require better reflexes combined with improved coordination.
  • Leaderboards and Trophies: Healthy competition is always healthy right? So what could be better than having leaderboards tracking players’ performance across all mini-games in one evening! That’s not all though – there’s also whole bunch of trophies waiting to be unlocked by completing specific challenges and perfecting skills throughout game.

The game “Start the Party” is unique and engaging in several ways:

  • Easy to Learn, Challenging to Master: Controls that feel intuitive and clear instructions make it easy for people of all ages and levels of experience to pick up “Start the Party”. Even someone who has never played this type of game before will get a handle on how things work within minutes. However, there is a lot more depth than you might think at first glance — with different mini-games offering wildly varied gameplay styles that take time to fully understand. This means there’s always room for improvement even among seasoned players.
  • Variety Is The Spice Of Life: Most party games rely on one type of activity repeated over and over again – not so with “Start the Party”! With its wide range (and quantity) of different mini-games available, boredom simply isn’t an option during this title. You could be shooting targets one minute; working together on puzzles the next; then having a dance off after that… There really is something here for everyone!
  • Fun For All Ages: It’s hard to find many games out there that genuinely appeal across generations but “Start the Party” does just that thanks mainly due its variety of mini-games. These cater for different skill sets which ensures children as young as 4 can play alongside their parents or grandparents without getting left behind. Meanwhile easy-to-understand controls mean younger kids won’t struggle too much while adjustable difficulty settings offer some teeth if required by more experienced players.
  • Unleash Your Inner Animal: Laughter shared experiences camaraderie are all things best described when playing ‘Start The Party’. Whether you’re competing against each other in ridiculous challenges or working together frantically trying complete tasks before time runs out every second spent with friends family doing so under this banner breeds memories like no other gaming event could hope achieve

But enough about Start the Party, let’s move onto another game

Start the Party is a great game for parties but there are many other games that have come out since the PlayStation Move was released.

  • Sports Champions: If you are into sports, this game is perfect! You can play tennis, golf, and more. The best part? You will feel like you’re actually in the game because of how realistic it looks on screen!
  • EyePet: This game is perfect for people who love animals. You get to take care of a virtual pet using your PlayStation Move controller and the PlayStation Eye camera. It’s so much fun!


“Start The Party” isn’t just a video game – it’s an invitation to fun times with friends and family. Whether you are an avid gamer or someone looking for their next unforgettable party experience, “Start The Party” has something for everyone. With easy controls, tons of different mini-games, and even some augmented reality use thrown in here or there – this title promises nothing less than turning any living room into one big energetic celebration! So grab those controllers gather around your loved ones pop open “Start The Party”

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