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In the world of video games, few titles can match the fun and physical activity that Ubisoft’s Just Dance series offers. Ever since its creation, Just Dance has been the top game for family gatherings, parties, or anyone who wants to let loose and dance in their living room. With Just Dance 2014 being their fifth main installment, they have definitely made a name for themselves among dancers and casual players alike.

The Evolution of Dance Rhythms

Just Dance 2014 was announced at Ubisoft’s E3 2013 press event with a lot of pomp and circumstance behind it. It was released on October 9th, 2013 for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii and Wii U. Shortly after this release date it also became available on next generation consoles as well. It came out for PlayStation 4 on November 15th and then Xbox One on November 22nd which is great because no matter what console you own now there is always an opportunity to play!

Just Dance 2014 introduced many new features, tracks and game modes that were aimed at enhancing the user experience while keeping them moving to the beat. Every aspect from song selection all the way down to gameplay mechanics were carefully crafted so that they would appeal equally well both veterans of the series as well as newcomers.

A Playlist To Remember

Like every Just Dance game before it, Just Dance 2014 had a little something for everyone when it came to music selection with pop hits from today mixed in alongside classic throwbacks plus some infectious dance anthems thrown into the mix too just for good measure! The ability this game has in blending different genres together musically means there really is something here that will make anybody want shake their hips! Whether its chart-toppers or more obscure quirky tunes these songs were chosen so as not exclude anyone but rather include all types during one big party atmosphere where everybody gets involved – whether they think they can dance or not!

A Party Starter and a Fitness Companion

However, what made Just Dance 2014 different from previous titles was the fact that it did not only come with an updated song list but also featured improved motion tracking as well as enhanced multiplayer modes. It turned living rooms into dance floors and allowed players to challenge their friends, families or even people across the globe whom they had never met before! This wasn’t just about getting points; this involved sharing laughs, showing off moves and most importantly having fun.

Also overlooked should be how much of a fitness game this really is too – yes there were other work out modes included such as “Just Sweat” where you could track calories burned or set goals for yourself etc., but who needs them when every single second spent playing through any one track on here burns up like seven hundred different muscle groups all at once? Even if somebody wanted to snub these aspects because they might think dancing doesn’t count as exercise then sorry but your ignorance is showing!

Engaging the Global Dance Community

Another reason why Just Dance 2014 remained popular for so long after its initial release was due to the way in which it engaged with the international dance community. The developers kept things fresh by regularly releasing DLC (downloadable content) packs that contained new songs players could purchase and play along too. There were also updates put out frequently so as to fix any bugs or glitches found within the game itself plus they held special events throughout each year based around certain themes too – all of which helped keep people interested beyond just beating their own scores against others via online leaderboards but rather striving towards higher achievements together whilst staying connected further than ever before throughout wider Just Dance universe…

A Testament to Timeless Fun

Ultimately though nothing sums up what makes this particular entry in Ubisoft’s addictive franchise stand out more than anything else does quite like saying how much goddamn FUN Just Dance 2014 actually is! It’s one those experiences that will have you smiling from ear-to-ear if not laughing hysterically until there are tears streaming down both cheeks – either way trust us when we say that no matter who ‘you’ are or where ‘you’ve’ been in life so far playing through even just a single song on here should be enough to make all of those worries and stresses melt away faster than ice cream left out under direct sunlight…

With two left feet or an experienced dancer, Just Dance 2014 has something for you. Its continuation of a legacy has inspired and entertained by showing that dance speaks across all cultures. If you have not played this game yet then maybe now is your chance! Start feeling those beats because millions already know how great it feels to never leave home but still dance their hearts out.

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