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Do you remember the hype surrounding the game releases of 2008? It was a time when gamers eagerly awaited the latest titles from their favorite developers, and for racing enthusiasts, Wipeout HD Fury was one of the most exciting offerings of the year. This game, developed by Sony Studio Liverpool and published by Sony Computer Entertainment, was the 8th installment of the Wipeout series and promised to take players on a thrilling ride through the anti-gravity tournament FX350.

Gameplay Modes

One of the standout features of Wipeout HD Fury was its varied gameplay modes. Players could choose from five different racing modes, each offering a unique challenge. Standard Single Race was a straightforward race against other teams, while Tournament Mode allowed players to progress through a series of races to become the FX350 champions. Time Trial mode was perfect for those who wanted to test their lap times, while Speed Lap mode was all about pushing the limits of speed. Regional Mode was a mode specific for online players where they could race against other players from around the world. Each mode offered a different experience and kept players engaged long after they had completed the main campaign.

Stunning Graphics

In 2008, the graphics in Wipeout HD Fury were ahead of its time. The futuristic setting was brought to life with vibrant colors, slick design, and smooth animations that made the gameplay feel like a cinematic experience. Each track was unique and offered its own visual flair, from the rocky terrain of Moa Therma to the neon-lit cityscape of Sebenco Peak. The attention to detail was impressive, and the graphics were one of the defining features of the game.

Heart-Pumping Soundtrack

Another aspect that helped to elevate the gameplay experience in Wipeout HD Fury was its eclectic soundtrack. Featuring contributions from artists like Aphex Twin, Noisia, and Stanton Warriors, the game’s soundtrack was a perfect fit for the fast-paced, adrenaline-fueled racing. The beats were high-energy and perfectly synced with the gameplay, immersing players in the futuristic world. The sound effects of the ships and weapons in the game were another highlight, adding to the immersive experience.

Legacy and Influence

Wipeout HD Fury has left a lasting legacy among racing games. It was a game that pushed boundaries and set new standards for graphics, gameplay, and sound. Many of the elements that made Wipeout HD Fury great have since become staples of the racing genre. The anti-gravity mechanic, for example, has influenced games like Redout and BallisticNG. The game is also still popular among fans, with a dedicated community of players who continue to race and create content for the game. With rumors of a new Wipeout game in development for the PS5, it’s clear that the impact of Wipeout HD Fury is still being felt today.


Wipeout HD Fury was a game that captured the thrill of futuristic racing in a way that few other games have done before or since. With its varied gameplay modes, stunning graphics, heart-pumping soundtrack, and lasting legacy, it remains a beloved title among racing fans. For those who missed out on this classic game in 2008, it’s well worth seeking out, and for those who have already experienced its excitement, it’s worth reliving the thrills once again.

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