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Dec 13th, 2023


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If you are a gamer who loves immersing yourself in the worlds of mythology, adventure, and action, Viking: Battle for Asgard is a game that you should check out. Developed by Creative Assembly and published by Sega, this third-person action game takes you to the world of Norse mythology and puts you in the shoes of a Viking warrior named Skarin.

Combat System

One of the most prominent features of Viking: Battle for Asgard is its combat system. The game has a seamless combat system that allows you to execute different moves and techniques without any difficulty. The game utilizes a combination of light and heavy attacks, as well as abilities like parrying, dodging and magic spells that help you take on hordes of enemies with ease.

The combat system is also made more interesting by the addition of quick-time events (QTEs). These QTEs appear during combat sequences and require you to press buttons in a specific sequence to perform a deadly finishing move on your enemies. The QTEs are visually stunning and add a sense of excitement and tension to the game’s combat system.

Character Development

Another aspect of Viking: Battle for Asgard that stands out is the depth of character development. As Skarin progresses through the game, he gains new weapons and abilities that make him a more formidable warrior. He also interacts with various characters who join his army and help him fight against the enemy forces.

As the game unfolds, Skarin’s relationships with these characters deepen, and their own stories come to light through side missions and cutscenes. The game’s narrative is not just focused on Skarin, but also the characters that are central to the game’s story. It adds a layer of depth to the game’s storytelling that makes it more engaging.

World Design

The world of Viking: Battle for Asgard is beautifully crafted and inspired by Norse mythology. The game takes place in a large open-world environment where the player is free to explore different locations and take on various side missions.

The world is split up into regions, each with its unique aesthetic and set of enemies. Each location feels distinctive and immersive, whether it’s the snowy peaks of the mountains or the lush forests around the fjords.

Visuals and Sound Design

Viking: Battle for Asgard boasts impressive visuals and a captivating sound design. The game’s environments are richly detailed, with stunning particle effects that enhance the game’s combat sequences. The character models are well-detailed, and the voice acting is compelling, with excellent performances from each of the game’s voice actors.

The game’s soundtrack perfectly complements its story and gameplay. The music is composed by Richard Beddow, Simon Ravn, and Jeff van Dyck, and features a symphonic, atmospheric score that captures the essence of the game’s Norse mythology setting.


Viking: Battle for Asgard is an action-packed adventure game that offers an engaging and immersive experience for fans of the genre. Its combat system, character development, world design, and visuals combine to create a game that is both visually stunning and narratively captivating.

If you are looking for a game that will keep you entertained for hours and transport you to the world of Norse mythology, Viking: Battle for Asgard is an excellent choice. With its thrilling gameplay and engrossing story, it is a must-play title on PC, X360, and PS3.

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