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Are you a fan of console role-playing games? Have you ever heard of Trinity Universe? If not, then you’re in for a treat. Trinity Universe is a 2009 console role-playing game that was co-developed by Nippon Ichi Software, Idea Factory, and Gust Corporation exclusively for the PlayStation 3. This game is unique because it features characters from two different series, Atelier and Disgaea, from two different companies, fully 3D character models, and an interesting storyline.

Interesting Storyline

One of the most exciting aspects of Trinity Universe is its original storyline. In this game, players control either a demon lord or a hero character and must progress through a series of levels to unlock secrets and defeat the ultimate boss. This game is full of mystery, action, adventure, and humor. It’s not uncommon to find yourself laughing at some of the witty dialogue. Additionally, as players progress through the game, they will unveil more of the story, and the plot twists keep you on the edge of your seat.

Unique Characters

Trinity Universe features characters from two different series, Atelier and Disgaea. Players can choose from two main characters. One is Kanata, the main character from the Atelier series, and the other is Rizelea, the main character from the Disgaea series. Players can also choose from an array of other characters from each of the respective series. Each character has their unique stats, abilities, and weapons, adding a unique element to the game.

Full 3D Character Models

Unlike most console role-playing games, Trinity Universe features full 3D character models. This means that the characters move more realistically and are more animated. The graphics and animations are stunning, which adds to the overall immersive experience of the game. The full 3D models also allow for more flexibility in how players can customize their characters. It’s all about exploring and exploiting the features of the game.

Addictive Game Play

Trinity Universe is a highly addictive game with hours of game play. One of the reasons why this game is so addictive is that the leveling up system is unique. Players must progress through levels to unlock new abilities, weapons, and items. Each level builds upon the previous level, and players must use strategic thinking to progress further. This makes Trinity Universe a game that players can sink their teeth into.

Development and Publication

Trinity Universe was co-developed by Nippon Ichi Software, Idea Factory, and Gust Corporation. The game was published by Idea Factory in Japan and NIS America in North America and Europe. It was first released in Japan on October 1, 2009, and in North America and Europe in June 2010. With the three companies working together, they have created a unique game full of original content.


In conclusion, Trinity Universe is indeed a unique console role-playing game. With an interesting storyline, unique characters, full 3D character models, and addictive game play, this game is definitely a must-play for any RPG fan. This game has garnered a strong following of fans worldwide and has been praised for its engaging story, amusing characters, and fun gameplay. Although it’s a bit of an old game now, that doesn’t mean it’s any less fun to play!

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