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Apr 8th, 2024



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In 2008, TNA iMPACT!: Total Nonstop Action Wrestling made its debut on the PS3, offering a high-adrenaline experience to wrestling fans. This game succeeded in capturing the electrifying atmosphere of TNA Wrestling which is known for its high flying maneuvers and innovative X Division.

Prepare yourself to wrestle it out with your most adored TNA superheroes in this action packed title that you can download from Although we are not able to talk about how you can download it here at, we can offer you useful information about TNA iMPACT!: Total Nonstop Action Wrestling and take you through the world of PS3 wrestling games.

About TNA Wrestling

Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA) emerged as a refreshing alternative to established wrestling promotions in the early 2000s. By focusing on quicker and more gymnastic wrestling with an accent on the X Division, which is an unrestricted weight category known for daring acrobatics and innovative offence, they carved a niche for themselves.

Gameplay Breakdown

There are many gameplay options available in TNA iMPACT!: Total Nonstop Action Wrestling that will introduce you immediately into professional wrestling; these options cater to both hardcore and casual gamers.

Match Types

For example, players have access to different kinds of matches in order to maintain their virtual career exciting. In traditional 1v1 contests or tag team matches which require good teamwork skills or even specialty encounters like King of the Mountain where superstars fight for a championship belt suspended above the ring.

On one hand there are arena-like matches such as Falls Count Anywhere and Cage Matches that are suitable for hardcore fans while there are submission matches based on grappling techniques which demand meticulous use of strategy for those who want more thoughtful play. Hence there is practically no match type that does not suit any wrestling preference.

Wrestler Roster

In TNA iMPACT!: Total Nonstop Action Wrestling, a player can take on the biggest stars of TNA at that time. In addition to controlling such wrestling legends as AJ styles who fly high, Samoa Joe who dominates and incredibly ruthless Kurt Angle, you will also get to see the technical brilliance of Christopher Daniels, aerial talent of Chris Sabin and raw power of Sting.

Furthermore, there are different kinds of wrestling in this game ranging from Abyss’s hard hitting brawl to Hernandez’s Lucha Libre inspired moveset. Unlocking hidden wrestlers adds another layer of depth in that these could be fan favorites or upcoming talents. Be it a technical mat technician or daredevil high flyer; TNA iMPACT!: Total Nonstop Action Wrestling has got a wrestler for every move that suits your grappling style.

Create-A-Wrestler Mode

That is why the full title is named TNA iMPACT!: Total Nonstop Action Wrestling because not only does it allow you control established superstars but it enables you to create your own legend. The Create-A-Wrestler mode is designed for complete customization. Sculpt the shape of your dream wrestler by selecting body type among other aspects like facial features and hair styles.

There are even entrance attires one can design which will make an impressive statement upon arrival and that will leave the spectators spell-bound for some time after that. Nonetheless customization does not only relate to appearance alone. To accomplish this there is a vast collection of moves from strikes, grapples, high flying attacks and finishes which players have to choose their moveset from. In essence by adjusting attributes according to his/her strong points or weak spots each gamer gets unique wrestling experience with this character creation interface

This strong CAW mode enables you to express your creativity and fulfill all expectations about wrestlers in the virtual world of TNA iMPACT!

Gameplay Mechanics

TNA iMPACT!: Total Nonstop Action Wrestling is all about quick, impactful action.  You can combine a series of damaging combos, perform dangerous stunts, and taste bone-crushing hits from signature moves.  The controls are easy to learn and very responsive, allowing players to pull off impressive wrestling sequences.   It’s an exciting arcade-style game that nevertheless offers deep gameplay for those who wish to master the mechanics of pro wrestling.


TNA iMPACT!: Total Nonstop Action Wrestling might not have revolutionized the wrestling video game genre but was a decent choice for PlayStation3 gamers.  The quick pace, various match types in addition to wrestler creation accurately captured the essence of early TNA years thus becoming a virtual playfield for fans.

Although its legacy was left wanting due to lack of sequels, TNA iMPACT!: Total Nonstop Action Wrestling is an evocative reminder of another time in professional wrestling video games history.

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