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Are you a fan of shooting games and looking for the next level of action-packed gaming experience? TimeShift could be the answer to your quest for some fun and excitement on your gaming console or computer. Developed by Saber Interactive and published by Vivendi Games in 2007, TimeShift allows players to unleash their skills to control the time and overcome their enemies.

Time to Warp Time

The TimeShift protagonist is a nameless warrior who must save the world from destruction. The protagonist is equipped with a special ability that allows him to slow down, stop or fast forward time. This special ability plays a crucial role in helping players to overcome various challenges within the game. Whether it’s dodging enemy fire or solving puzzles, the ability to warp time adds a dynamic layer of gameplay that sets TimeShift apart from other shooting games. Players can use this ability to control a bullet’s trajectory, sneak up upon the enemy, and dodge projectiles with ease.

No Time to Waste

TimeShift gives players the option to use their time-warping abilities in creative ways. Players can activate “Time Dodge,” which allows them to dodge enemies’ bullets, making it easier to take them down. The player also has the option to trigger “Time Slow,” causing enemies to slow down while the protagonist moves at normal speed. Players can utilize “Time Stop” to pause enemy attacks and even freeze them in place. This controlled use of time can lead players to victory when strategically employed.

Missions Galore

TimeShift offers gameplay that is unique and challenging. Players will battle through various missions set across multiple maps. Missions consist of objectives that the player needs to achieve. These missions are action-packed, and the player must utilize their time-warping skills to progress through them successfully. The missions vary from confronting enemy armies, sneaking into enemy territories to sabotage critical plans, and even infiltrating besieged bases to rescue hostages. The end prize of each mission rewards players with new weapons, extras, and abilities to progress through the game.

Rewards and Challenges

TimeShift offers various challenges to test the player’s abilities in the game. Players can earn perfect rewards for finishing challenges, unlocked by fulfilling certain criteria, such as finishing missions at a certain time limit. The game’s remarkable graphics, sound effects, and excellent storyline further add to the gaming experience.


In conclusion, TimeShift is an excellent example of a shooting game done right. With its unique and intriguing gameplay, players are in for a real treat if they decide to give it a try. It has fantastic graphics, an immersive storyline, and challenges that will keep players enthralled for hours. Here’s a tip: if you want a gaming experience that is unlike any other, give TimeShift a try. It’s a time-warping adventure you won’t want to miss.

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