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Sep 15th, 2023


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Gamers, get ready to embrace the excitement of a compilation of light gun rail shooter games by Namco with Time Crisis: Razing Storm. Released in 2010 for PlayStation 3 and supporting both the GunCon 3 light gun and PlayStation Move motion control system, the game offers a thrilling gaming experience like no other.

The compilation includes various arcade games, namely, Time Crisis 4, Razing Storm, and Deadstorm Pirates. With complete compatibility with the GunCon 3 light gun and the PlayStation Move motion control system, the game offers a unique gaming experience where players can choose their preferred control system. Plus, the game offers vibration feedback and PlayStation Eye AV Chat.

One of the most exciting features of Time Crisis: Razing Storm is the ability to play two-player cooperative gameplay, with on-screen reticles. Players can choose to navigate the environment “off the rails” in addition to the original arcade mode. This feature is offered in both the story mode and online battle mode.

Sentry mode is yet another gameplay mode offered by Time Crisis: Razing Storm. Up to four players can take turns in stopping prisoners from escaping in the penitentiary riot scenario. The gameplay mode provides a high score, which players can compete against to enhance their overall gaming experience.

Story mode is perhaps the most exciting mode in Time Crisis: Razing Storm. With a new first-person shooter-style navigation, players can freely navigate the environment “off the rails”, providing a unique gaming experience. In the story mode, players embark on a mission to save a VIP from being kidnapped.

Online battle mode is another exciting feature offered by Time Crisis: Razing Storm. Players from across the globe can compete against each other and can leverage their respective skills and strategies to enhance their ranking.

In a nutshell, Time Crisis: Razing Storm is an action-packed compilation of light gun shooter games that offer gamers a unique gaming experience. From the original arcade mode to different gameplay modes such as Sentry mode, Story mode, and online battle mode, the game offers endless fun and excitement. The game’s compatibility with both the GunCon 3 light gun and the PlayStation Move motion control system make it suitable for all kinds of gamers.

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