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Are you a fan of console games? Do you enjoy rescue-genre games, or have you been searching for a new challenge? Then you should definitely check out “The Last Guy,” a PlayStation Network game for the PS3, developed by SIE Japan Studio. In this game, players guide survivors trapped in cities that have been invaded by monsters to the escape area in limited time while avoiding being caught and eaten by zombies.

Gameplay and Controls

The gameplay of “The Last Guy” is quite simple and easy to understand. Players move the protagonist around the city using the left joystick on the controller. They locate the survivors on the map and guide them to the rescue zone while avoiding zombies along the way. Players start with 60 seconds to get as many survivors to safety as possible.

The controls of the game are smooth and responsive. The game’s mechanics are easy to learn, but mastering them requires skill and strategy. Players must utilize their environment to avoid zombies, make strategic decisions about which survivors to guide first, and make their way to the safety zone within the given time.

Creative Game Design

“The Last Guy” features a unique game design that is both creative and engaging. It offers a top-down view of a city affected by the monster invasion, which makes it easier to navigate. The map of the city has an astonishing level of detail. Each distinct area of the city has its own look and feel, along with its unique challenges.

The monsters – zombies – are creatively designed as well. Each zombie has its own distinct feature, shape, and behavior, which adds an extra layer to the game’s complexity.

Levels and Difficulty

The game is divided into several levels with each level having its unique set of challenges. The difficulty of the game increases progressively with each level. As the game progresses, it becomes harder to collect all the survivors and transport them to the rescue zone within the given time.

Apart from the regular levels, the game also features hideout levels, where the protagonist guides survivors to a safe hideout instead of rescuing them. These levels offer a fresh gameplay experience for the players.

Sound and Visuals

“The Last Guy” features a colorful and vibrant aesthetic that immerses the player into the game’s world. The game’s sound design is equally impressive, with an engaging and atmospheric soundtrack that sets the mood of the game. The sound effects of the game are superb, which makes the game more realistic and engaging.


In conclusion, “The Last Guy” is an outstanding game that offers a unique and creative experience to the players. The game’s straightforward gameplay, creative design, and immersive graphics make it one of the best rescue-genre games on the PlayStation Network. Whether you are a seasoned gamer or a beginner, “The Last Guy” offers an engaging and challenging experience to anyone who plays it. We highly recommend that you check this game out and see for yourself why it has won the hearts of many game critics.

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