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Jul 13th, 2023


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The Incredible Hulk video game allows you to take control of the green goliath and roam freely through the streets of Manhattan. As you progress through the game, you’ll encounter melee attacks, special abilities, and plenty of power-ups to help make the destruction even more satisfying. Almost every move the Hulk makes will cause significant damage to the surrounding environment, as crashing through buildings and cars will unleash chaos. The game’s environment feels like a sandbox, with nooks and crannies to explore, and of course, plenty of enemies to defeat.

One aspect that makes The Incredible Hulk video game unique is the variety of objectives and mini-games available. For instance, you might be tasked with destroying the most number of enemy bases or fighting off waves of enemies. Each mini-game has its own sets of rules and a reward system for the player. The collectibles, on the other hand, take a more exploratory approach. The game rewards players with unlocking new Hulk abilities, costumes, and characters found through the hidden items. The game even has a Photo Mode, where you can take pictures of Hulk as he wreaks havoc on Manhattan, providing a sense of reward for uncovering all the game has to offer.

One of the game’s best features is the freedom and autonomy it offers players. From the first stage, you’ll be able to explore the open world at your pace, unlock hidden rewards and discover parts of Manhattan. This aspect grants players the feeling of empowerment, whether you choose to cause destruction to everything you see or be the pacifist type and avoid harming innocents. The game’s graphics are an excellent factor, and though it was released in 2008, it still holds up as an impressive feat. The environment is outstanding, and the textures are detailed, providing players with a rich experience.

In conclusion, The Incredible Hulk video game is an experience worth playing multiple times, an open-world filled with both destruction and exploration. The game’s sandbox approach to the environment allows players to explore the world, reward themselves with collectibles and mini-games at their own pace. As a result, The Incredible Hulk has more longevity than other games of its time, as it continually rewards the player for exploring and causing destruction. So, if you’re looking for a satisfying game with endless possibilities that still looks remarkable in 2022, The Incredible Hulk video game is the game for you!

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