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Nov 21th, 2023


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Are you a fan of the Idolmaster series, or are you looking for a unique simulation game to play? Look no further than The Idolmaster One For All! Developed and published by Bandai Namco Games, this Japanese raising simulation video game is the 10th installment in the Idolmaster franchise. Released in Japan on May 15, 2014, for PlayStation 3, the game puts you in the shoes of a producer tasked with managing and training a group of aspiring pop idols.

Gameplay Features

One For All is a simulation game that lets you manage a talent agency to develop and train your idols. The gameplay is similar to its predecessor, The Idolmaster 2, but with some notable differences. You can produce all 13 idols from the main talent agency, 765 Production, and can choose to either focus on individual idol growth or group performance. There are several customization features to help you develop your idols, including the ability to choose outfits, choreography, and concert venues. You also get to make decisions as a producer, such as handling conflicts and dealing with media scandals.

Idol Training

The key to your idols’ success lies in training and development. You’ll need to manage their schedules, help them improve their singing and dancing skills, and guide them in forming relationships with fans and other idols. You can also use the communication system to interact with your idols, sending messages and gifts to build rapport. It’s essential to keep your idols happy to maintain their morale, leading to better performances and fanbase growth.

Multiple Endings

One For All has several endings depending on the choices you make as a producer. You can choose to focus on individual idol growth, group performance, or a combination of both. Depending on your decisions, you may lead your idols to solo careers, disband the group, or even retire early. The various endings provide an excellent replay value to the game, allowing you to see different outcomes and make different choices each time.

Audio and Visuals

One For All boasts a visually stunning game design and an immersive soundtrack. The game features realistic character animations with high-quality graphics, providing an authentic idol experience. The music and voice acting are also impressive, with each of the 13 idols having their unique sound and personality. The game’s live concerts are an absolute treat, with 3D performances featuring elaborate choreography and colorful visual effects.

The Idolmaster Universe

One For All exists as part of a more extensive Idolmaster universe. The game shares continuity with other Idolmaster games, including Cinderella Girls, Million Live!, and Shiny Colors. Fans of the series will appreciate the nods to the franchise’s lore and crossovers with other characters and storylines. Newcomers to the series will also find One For All a great starting point to explore the Idolmaster universe.


The Idolmaster One For All is an excellent addition to the Idolmaster franchise, providing an immersive idol training simulation experience. Its gameplay, customization features, and multiple endings offer excellent replay value. The game’s visuals and soundtrack are stunning, immersing players in an authentic idol experience. Fans of the series will appreciate the nods to the Idolmaster universe, while newcomers will find it to be an excellent entry point to explore the franchise. If you’re looking for a unique simulation game that blends management, training, and music, give The Idolmaster One For All a try.

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