The Godfather: The Don’s Edition

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May 24th, 2023



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The Godfather: The Don’s Edition offers an improved graphical experience compared to its original release. The game now runs in 1080p resolution and has updated textures and character models. It also introduces new lighting and reflective effects that enhance the overall look of the game. Apart from graphics, the game’s developers have also added new gameplay mechanics to make the game more engaging. Such as, now you can use multiple aiming modes like free aim or auto-aim and use the right stick to dodge incoming attacks.

All the Changes in Blackhand Edition

The Don’s Edition includes all the changes made in The Godfather: Blackhand Edition along with the added content. This includes the new Blackhand combat system, which allows players to use the Sixaxis controller’s motion sensing abilities to punch, grab, and choke enemies. The updates also include new cars, weapons, hit contracts, and more crime rings to take over. The game now feels more complete and pleases those who wanted more variety.

Exclusive Content

One of the most significant advantages of The Don’s Edition is its exclusive content. The new story elements follow the Corleone family in two new subplots that take place before the movie’s events. One is the Corleone’s infiltration of a rival family, and the other involves Michael, the Don’s son. Additionally, the game also has new missions and added locations that were not present in the original game. Even for series veterans, this is a fresh new experience that you can only get on PlayStation 3.

Return of the Voice Cast

Another great addition to The Don’s Edition is the return of the original voice cast. If you love the movie’s iconic voice actors, then you will be overjoyed to hear them reprise their respective roles in this game. Marlon Brando as Don Vito Corleone and James Caan as Sonny Corleone are two examples among others that helped to bring authenticity to the game’s story. Players can also hear new voice dialogue recorded solely for this game.


Overall, The Godfather: The Don’s Edition is an excellent game that improves on its predecessor. The game has good graphics and several new features that enhance the gameplay experience. It includes all the previous updates and some exclusive content that adds more replay value. It also features the return of the iconic voice cast, which immerses the players into the game’s atmosphere. So if you haven’t played the game already or just want to experience it again, The Don’s Edition is a must-have for anyone who owns a PlayStation 3.

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