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Jul 4th, 2023


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Have you ever wanted to explore the open roads in a racing game that gives you a sense of freedom like none other? Look no further as Test Drive Unlimited 2 takes you on a thrilling ride through the picturesque Hawaiian island of Oahu and the stunning Spanish island of Ibiza. This game offers an unparalleled experience where players can choose from a variety of vehicles and participate in exciting tournaments to become the winner of the Solar Crown. Read on to learn more about this game’s features and gameplay that make it one of the best in the racing genre.

The game features three main vehicle categories – Modern Asphalt Cars, Off-road Vehicles, and Classic Cars, with each vehicle belonging to a subcategory based on quality. The lower the number, the higher the quality. The addition of the “B” category for off-road vehicles is one of the new features in TDU2, which adds more exciting and challenging terrains for players to navigate. Moreover, there is also an optional motorcycle category included in the DLC, which adds more variety to the game.

To progress through the game, players must participate in various tournaments and races and defeat NPCs (non-playable characters) to become the Solar Crown winner. Before entering the tournaments, players must complete the racing school tests to obtain their driving licenses in each category. The driving school tests are led by respective instructors, Marco Luzzini of category A, Jane O’Mahan of category B, and Todd Bishop of category C. These driving school tests come in handy, significantly improving a player’s driving skills and helping them to earn more money and reputation points.

One of the biggest highlights of TDU2 is its vast and open-world environment. You can drive around the island of Oahu and Ibiza, exploring every nook and corner of the islands’ beautiful landscapes. There are various landmarks and tourist spots spread throughout the game, making it feel like a real island that you can get lost in. Moreover, the game offers a day-night cycle, which makes the gameplay more immersive, and players can switch between driving modes such as automatic, manual, or semi-automatic based on their preferences.

The game also features a dynamic weather system, where players can experience different weather conditions like rain, thunderstorms, and snow in the Ibiza DLC. The weather system directly affects the gameplay and presents new challenges and opportunities, such as slippery roads, reduced visibility, and new routes that are only accessible during certain weather conditions. Moreover, players can customize their avatars and purchase luxurious homes and vehicles, adding more depth and character to the gameplay.

Test Drive Unlimited 2 offers a thrilling and immersive racing experience that sets it apart from other games in the genre. The game’s vast and open-world environment, dynamic weather system, and customizable avatars make it a true gem that offers something for everyone. The inclusion of off-road vehicles, driving school tests, and the Solar Crown competition makes the gameplay more challenging and engaging. Overall, the TDU2 is a game that is worth playing and exploring for anyone who loves driving and open-world games. So rev your engines and hit the open roads of Oahu and Ibiza in Test Drive Unlimited 2.

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