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Gamers worldwide recognise “Syndicate” as one of Starbreeze’s best tactical shooting video games. The first-person shooter game, published by Electronic Arts in 2012, has since become a staple in the Syndicate series. “Syndicate” takes players into a detailed and suspenseful future-world, where they must hone their tactical skills to succeed.


The “Syndicate” game features a range of exciting weaponry. These include high-tech, futuristic guns, shotguns, and submachine guns. The game is also quite violent, with players responsible for taking down enemy drones and humans. As a result, players must maneuver their characters competently to avoid attacks while maximising their weapons’ potential. Generally, players must also keep an eye out for weapon upgrading options to achieve the best shots possible.

Character Hacks

The game revolves around the unique computer chip inserted into the character’s body. The chip grants a range of abilities for the players, enabling them to hack and interact with the world around them. Three options are always available, such as backfire, suicide, and persuasion. Backfire allows you to turn enemies against each other, while suicide forces one enemy to destroy itself. Persuasion, on the other hand, allows you to control your opponents and turn them into your allies. Players can use these abilities to gain strategic advantages in combat and problem-solving quests.

Perspective and Controls

Players view the game from the first-person perspective, which enables them to know what they must do to win. The character runs, jumps, hides behind cover and carries heavy weapons to take down enemies. Players must remember to change up positions constantly to avoid being trapped or hit. The controls can also be configured to suit the player’s style, which creates a more personalised gaming experience. Some players prefer a standard setup, while others might prefer the advanced configuration setup, where they can set up their specific controls as they see fit.

Skills and Upgradability

The “Syndicate” game character, Miles Kilo, posses unique abilities that the player can use to overcome challenging scenarios. The character’s upgradable skill set allows the player an added advantage throughout the game. Players can achieve increases in character agility, accuracy with weapons, recharging of the character’s computer chip, and much more. Each upgraded skill allows the character to face their enemies on a more equal footing.


The “Syndicate” game by Starbreeze combines the best of shooting and strategic gaming experiences. With the ability to hack and interact with the world around them, “Syndicate” provides players with an almost unlimited range of possibilities. The character skills and hacking abilities add new layers of strategy to the game and create an immersive experience that gamers worldwide love. The controls and weapons within the game are easily customisable, allowing players to enjoy the game to the fullest. With this knowledge, gamers worldwide can now develop winning strategies to experience this iconic game’s best possible versions.

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