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Mar 15th, 2023


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If you’re a devoted fan of the beloved Sonic brand, then “Sonic the Hedgehog” (or Sonic ’06) will certainly catch your attention. Developed and released by Sega on its 15th anniversary, this game is a comprehensive reboot for all seventh-generation consoles. It stands out from other games in the series with it’s innovative elements and captivating gameplay mechanics! Get ready to join Sonic, Shadow and the new character Silver in a thrilling campaign mode that will test your skills. You’ll be able to control all three characters with each one possessing their own unique set of abilities as you band together for an epic showdown against Doctor Eggman’s ancient evil Solaris. “Sonic the Hedgehog” gives players an exciting journey like never before! By progressing through the levels, players can explore the central world, engage with NPCs to advance their quest and battle bosses in order to further progress. In Multiplayer mode, many players have the opportunity to collaborate on collecting Chaos Emeralds or partake in exhilarating races! Sonic the Hedgehog starts with sinister Dr Eggman kidnapping Princess Elise of Soleanna to exploit her Flames of Disaster, a dangerous energy source. With his trusted comrades -Tails and Knuckles- backing him up, Sonic fights relentlessly to protect the defenseless princess from Eggman’s clutches. However, Shadow and Rouge agent unknowingly unleash an ominous being called Mephiles while they are at it. Through a journey of the soul, our heroes are propelled into a post-apocalyptic future ruined by an abhorrent force known as Iblis. When Mephiles meets Silver and Blaze alive, he sows discord in their minds by convincing them that Sonic has brought about this chaos; leading to his dispatching them back to the past with one mission: take him down.

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