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Jan 29th, 2024


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Sengoku Basara, a popular hack-and-slash game series, stormed Japan with its thrilling gameplay, unforgettable characters, and immersive storytelling. The game amassed a huge following among Japanese players, and its popularity grew with the release of the anime adaptation and the subsequent international release of the game. Fans of Sengoku Basara will be thrilled to know that Capcom has released Sengoku Basara HD Collection for the PS3 in Asia on August 30, 2012. The game is enhanced with improved graphics, performance improvements, and additional content.

Enhanced Graphics

Sengoku Basara HD Collection features enhanced graphics that make the game more immersive and visually appealing. The game runs at a smooth 60 frames per second, enhancing the player’s experience. The game has also received a resolution bump, resulting in a crisper, cleaner, and more detailed visual output. The game also benefits from updated textures, improved shadowing, and optimized character models. Players will appreciate the improved detail in the environments, weapons, and armor, which adds to the overall epic feel of the game.

Improved Performance

The game’s improved performance is evident from the very first boot-up. The game loads faster, and there are no longer any sluggish menus or gameplay. The game also has a much smoother camera movement and controls, which significantly improves the gameplay. The improved performance makes the game more responsive, making it easier for players to execute combos, dodge enemy attacks, and make split-second decisions during the heat of battle.

Additional Content

Sengoku Basara HD Collection includes additional content that was not present in the original release. The game contains extra stages and storylines that add to the overall narrative of the game. There are also new characters introduced to the game, each with its set of weapons, moves, and unique abilities. Players will appreciate the added variety that these new characters bring to the game.

Co-op Mode

Sengoku Basara HD Collection includes a co-op mode that allows two players to play the game simultaneously. Players can now team up with a friend to tackle the game’s challenges together, making the game more fun and interactive. The added co-op mode makes the game more social and engaging, extending the game’s replayability and longevity.

New Fans Welcome

Sengoku Basara HD Collection is not only a treat for fans of the series, but also a great opportunity for new players to jump into the game. The game’s improved graphics and performance provide an excellent introduction to the series, while its additional content adds even more value to the experience. New players can appreciate the game’s fast-paced combat, immersive world, and memorable characters, even if they have not played the original release.


Sengoku Basara HD Collection is a fantastic game that improves on its predecessor in every way. The game’s enhanced graphics and performance, additional content, co-op mode, and new player-friendly introduction make it a must-play game for fans of the series and newcomers alike. The game’s immersive narrative, epic combat, and unforgettable characters are sure to keep players engaged for hours on end. Sengoku Basara HD Collection is a testament to how a game can be updated, improved, and revived while still retaining what made it a classic in the first place.

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