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May 4th, 2023



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Pro Evolution Soccer 2016, also known as PES 2016, is a football simulation game that has gained worldwide attention since its release in September 2015. Developed by PES Productions, the game offers various exciting features that make it popular among soccer fans. In this blog post, we will discuss the game’s key features, gameplay, and leagues.

One of the major highlights of Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 is its focus on more copyrighted football leagues. The game features popular leagues like UEFA Europa League, UEFA Champions League, and UEFA Super Cup, apart from the copyright of the UEFA Euro 2016 season. Regional leagues like Ligue 1 in France, La Liga in Spain, and some expansion in Latin America also find a place in the game. However, the big leagues like the Premier League still do not have copyright, so the game features only a few licensed teams like “Manchester United,” making it challenging for players who prefer playing with their favorite teams.

Despite this licensing issue, the game offers improved players’ AI, which has a considerable effect on the gameplay. The delicate ball handling and intelligent AI of the players make the game more realistic and entertaining for players. The game’s objective has always been to provide users with an experience of a real football match, and with the enhanced AI, PES 2016 achieved this commendably.

Another noteworthy feature of PES 2016 is its cinematic presentation, which gives the game a realistic feel. The game developers made sure to take care of the smallest details, including the player’s celebrations, the stadium’s atmosphere, and the match’s commentary. All these additions give the player a sense of truly being in a real match environment.

Coming to the game’s gameplay, it features a “Dynamic Wide Camera” that allows players to get a wider view of the pitch, making it easier to maintain an overview of the players’ positions. The new “MyClub” mode offers a unique experience in which players can build their teams, develop their players, and compete with other players online. The game also allows players to share their replays, highlight reels, and players’ statistics online with other players worldwide, making the game more social and interactive.

In conclusion, Pro Evolution Soccer 2016, with its improved AI, cinematic presentation, and dynamic gameplay, surely offers soccer fans an immersive and realistic experience. However, the licensing issue and challenges in acquiring official copyrights from major leagues are still bottlenecks for Konami. Regardless of that, Konami has done an excellent job in creating a virtual soccer world that offers an exceptional gaming experience. If you are a soccer fan and looking for a game that offers a unique and authentic football experience, then Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 is undoubtedly a game you should try.

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