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Nov 3rd, 2023


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Are you a fan of hockey games? Then, there’s no doubt you’ve heard of NHL 13 – one of the most successful games in the NHL series. Developed by EA Canada’s production team and published by EA Sports, this game has revolutionized the way hockey is played on screens. With groundbreaking features and realistic graphics, it’s no wonder that NHL 13 had the best-ever sales in its first week of release. So, let’s dive into all the features that make this game the future of hockey gaming.

EA Sports Hockey IQ

One of the most significant features of NHL 13 is EA Sports Hockey IQ. This feature makes the game more realistic as players and teammates control their CPU smarter by reacting to everything happening on the ice, not just what they see in front of them. This means that now the Skater can more efficiently prevent the threat of scoring goals. Hockey IQ also opens up different types of new saves for the goalkeepers, allowing them to better identify potential scoring threats. This feature gives the players strategic choices, recreating real-life plays in the NHL, and even create their own plays and deploying them to the game’s AI computer.

True Performance Skating

The True Performance Skating feature is a new physics-based skating tool that helps the skating players be more realistic with over 1,000 new animations created using motion recording. This feature creates a mimetic experience for the game. Players now have movements close to reality, creating vividness for the match. The game’s design is such that skating motions are more realistic, and no two skating styles are similar, giving the game a whole new level of authenticity.

Be a GM Mode

Be a GM mode is a feature that allows players to manage their hockey team. Players can now take on the role of a real-life GM, managing finances, trading deals, and scouting new talent. This mode is so intuitive that anyone can quickly become a manager of their own team, determining which players to trade, which ones to keep, and what strategies to employ.

Game Modes

NHL 13 features many game modes, ranging from classics like Quick Match and Tournament to new game modes such as NHL Moments Live. This feature allows players to relive great games and moments from the real NHL and rewrite history in their favor. Moreover, the Seasons mode gives players the chance to play through and experience an entire season as their favorite team, complete with dynamic game situations where anything can happen.

Ultimate Team

Lastly, NHL 13’s Ultimate Team mode is a popular feature that allows players to build their hockey dream-team and compete against other players online. In this mode, players can open card packs to earn their favorite players and assemble them into a team. And with the new “Collections” feature, players must collect a series of cards, trying to get rare ones to unlock special players.


In conclusion, NHL 13 is one of the best hockey games on the market. With its groundbreaking features and realistic designs, it’s no wonder that it had the best-ever sales in its first week of release. The game’s authenticity with the True Performance Skating feature, the strategic choices through the Hockey IQ feature, and the fun gaming experience with the various game modes are just the tip of the iceberg.

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