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Nov 23th, 2023


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For avid gamers looking for a unique adventure blended with action, the third-person shooter game NeverDead will not disappoint. Developed by Rebellion Developments and published by Konami for both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, this game is definitely going to give you a thrilling experience. In this game, players get to take on the role of an immortal protagonist whose abilities include the ability to survive severe injuries. Through the course of the game, the player’s character will lose body parts, and players must collect these parts by rolling into them.

Immortality is a Unique Twist

The concept of immortality is not new to movies and games. However, in NeverDead, it is executed skillfully, bringing a unique twist to the story. As an immortal, the hero is impervious to injury and can’t die, at least easily. This means players have more lives to play with, and they can keep going even if they suffer significant injuries. But even immortality has its downsides. Every time the player gets injured in the game, their body parts will detach, leaving them disarmed and vulnerable. This is where the puzzle elements come into play, forcing you to collect your severed limbs while fighting off enemies.

Puzzle Elements Make the Game More Challenging

Although NeverDead classified as a third-person shooter game, its intricate puzzle elements bring more depth and complexity to the gameplay. The severed limbs we mentioned in the previous paragraph have to be collected to keep your character’s power. The process of collecting these limbs doesn’t come easy. They can be scattered everywhere, and you may have to solve puzzles or traverse the terrain to get to them. This makes you think strategically about your next move and how to approach your target area without getting hurt in the process.

Engaging Plot Keeps You Hooked

With so many games in the market, a good story is always a bonus. NeverDead delivers on this front. You play as Bryce Boltzman, whose family got cursed, turning him into an immortal. Throughout the game, you seek revenge for his family by fighting demons and exploring different levels. The story is engaging, with twists and turns that add to the game’s overall depth.

Partner System Adds a New Dimension

While your protagonist may be immortal, your female partner doesn’t share the same fate. This creates an interesting dynamic whereby your main character must protect his partner at all cost from harm. This adds another layer of complexity to the game, making it not just a shooter game, but also one that requires player strategy in choosing when and how to protect their partner.

Graphics and Soundtrack Enhance Gameplay

Finally, NeverDead’s graphics and soundtrack complement the gameplay brilliantly. The game’s visuals give a dark vibe that fits perfectly with the tone of the game. The music adds to the action and adventure, keeping players immersed in the game’s world.


In conclusion, NeverDead offers players a unique and thrilling experience with its enchanting story, complex gameplay, and compelling visuals. The game is much more than its shooter classification, with puzzle elements and a thoughtful partner system, all wrapped up in an immortal protagonist’s intriguing story. If you love action-packed gameplay with a bit of strategy, NeverDead is definitely worth your time. Go on, give it a try, and enjoy the ride!

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