Need for Speed: Most Wanted

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Feb 1st, 2023


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Criterion Games and Electronic Arts have thrilled fans of the “Need for Speed” series with their nineteenth installment, “Need for Speed: Most Wanted”. Released in 2012 across multiple platforms, this open-world racing game has captivated gamers everywhere due to its exciting new features not seen before. Players are sure to be enthralled by the challenges ahead as they speed through thrilling races! The game has received rave reviews from gaming critics, with its focus on how to craft a huge open-world map, combining the gameplay of “Burnout” and previous “Need for Speed” titles as well as social features. Taking into account these significant aspects, it’s not surprising that the game is acclaimed enough to be nominated for several awards including the 2012 Spike Video Game Award for “Best Driving Game” and also put forward in contention at 2013 BAFTA Awards’ categories of “Best British Game” and “Best Online Multiplayer”. Accolades from various sources declared Most Wanted the greatest racing title of 2012. Gamers are presented a massive city called Fair Heaven to roam and traverse, venturing over numerous bridges, roads, vacant land and terrain. Moreover, users can select their own car in “Most Wanted” mode to participate in three types of events: sprint races that involve traveling between cities; circuit races which include several laps around different circuits; or drag racing where players race against each other across straight paths with multiple checkpoints along them. Across all stages, there are two to three laps per race. Speed runs entail navigating through a course with the fastest possible average speed whereas Ambush races include evading police pursuit at an expeditious rate. With each lap comes greater difficulty and intensity that keeps players engaged!


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