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If you’re a fan of basketball games, you may have heard of NBA Elite 11. This game was released by Electronic Arts (EA) for iOS back in 2010 and was part of the NBA Live series. Kevin Durant, one of the NBA’s biggest stars, graced the game’s cover. However, what was supposed to be a revolutionary mobile basketball game turned out to be a disappointment that never even made it to consoles.

Development Issues

Despite being highly anticipated by fans, NBA Elite 11’s development was plagued with issues. The game was supposed to revolutionize basketball games on mobile devices and make use of a new control system called “Hands-On Control”. However, this system turned out to be difficult to use and resulted in players with unrealistic movements. Furthermore, the game was full of glitches, including slow load times and players sinking into the floor. With just a month before its scheduled release, EA decided to delay the game.


The game’s poor reception during its development led to EA delaying the game’s release multiple times. Finally, just a week before its scheduled release, EA announced that NBA Elite 11 will be cancelled entirely. This decision was a huge blow to EA, especially since NBA Live was a major franchise of the company. The decision to cancel the game was met with mixed reactions, with some fans disappointed while others felt relieved that EA decided not to release a game that was known to have issues.

Consumer Escapes

Despite the game being cancelled, some copies still managed to make it out to the public. These copies are considered rare and valuable to collectors. Some even sold for thousands of dollars online. There are even instances where gamers who bought a copy before EA announced the game’s cancellation were given the option to exchange the game for a free EA game.

Impact on NBA Live Franchise

Following the cancellation of NBA Elite 11, EA decided to rebrand the NBA Live series and focus on rebuilding the franchise. This resulted in the release of NBA Live 14, which was met with mixed reviews. Subsequent releases, such as NBA Live 16 and NBA Live 18, improved on the previous installment and received better reviews. However, it will never be forgotten that NBA Elite 11 was a setback for the franchise.


NBA Elite 11 may have been a disappointment, but it is important to remember that video game development is a challenging process. While it’s easy to focus on the negatives, it’s also important to note the impact that this game had on the NBA Live franchise. NBA Live 14 and its successors may not have been possible without the setback that was NBA Elite 11. Regardless of its flaws, NBA Elite 11 will remain a unique basketball game that even non-basketball fans may want to experience.

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