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Dec 11th, 2023


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NASCAR has always been a popular sport in the United States, and with the release of NASCAR 09, the love for the sport extends to the gaming community. Developed by EA Tiburon and released in 2008, this game is the twelfth installment in the EA Sports NASCAR series and the sequel to the 2007 game NASCAR 08.

Career Mode

One of the most significant additions to NASCAR 09 is the Career mode, known as “Chase for the NASCAR Sprint Cup.” This mode allows you to create your driver and manage your team throughout the season. As you progress through the game, you will get the chance to participate in various races and earn points that impact your standing on the leaderboard. The main aim is to win the championship, and you do that by earning maximum points in each race. The Career mode has plenty of depth, and it makes playing the game more rewarding as you progress.

Mentor Program

The game introduces a new feature called the Mentor program. This program allows you to get guidance from Jeff Gordon, who leads the program. Players who choose to take part in this program get coaching on tracks, driving skills, and overall strategy. This feature is highly valuable for new players since Jeff Gordon is an icon in the sport and offers expert guidance that can improve your gameplay. This feature is an excellent addition to the game and helps new players adapt to the game’s intricacies.

Improved Car Handling

One of the most noticeable improvements in NASCAR 09 is the handling of the cars. The developers paid close attention to the handling of the vehicle, and it feels more realistic compared to previous installments. Each car has its own handling characteristics, and you will need to adjust your driving accordingly. This new emphasis on car handling makes the game more challenging and rewards players who can master the nuances of each vehicle.

Mobile Phone Version

NASCAR 09 was also released on mobile phones, making it more accessible to a larger audience. The mobile version offers the same gameplay as the console versions, and the graphics are surprisingly good for a mobile game. The game was released in a time where mobile gaming was on the rise, and it was a significant step forward for racing games on mobile.


In conclusion, NASCAR 09 offers an ultimate racing experience that any fan of the sport will love. The addition of the Career mode, Mentor Program, and improved car handling make the game more challenging and immersive. The game was also released on multiple platforms, making it accessible to a broad audience. For fans of Jeff Gordon, the game’s cover athlete, the chance to receive coaching from him is a dream come true. If you love racing games and are a fan of NASCAR, then NASCAR 09 is a game you must try.

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