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Aug 18th, 2023


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Football lovers must have surely come across the sensation of playing Madden NFL, a football game revered for its realism and authenticity. And now, with the launch of Madden NFL 17, fans are guaranteed to take their experience to a whole new level. This time around, EA Sports has come up with an incredible ground game mechanic, making it a more balanced experience for the players. The defensive AI in the game has also received a revamp, making it more challenging and exciting than ever before. Furthermore, with features like Ultimate Team and Franchise mode, this game promises an unforgettable experience.

Ground Game Mechanic

Madden NFL 17 has introduced a new ground game mechanic, which allows players to experience a more balanced and realistic gameplay. With the previous iterations of the game, the passing game was often considered the stronger aspect of the game, while the running game felt neglected. However, this time around, the ground game has received a major upgrade. The new mechanic enables players to experience a fluid blend of agility, precision, and control to their movements, making it easier to get through the defensive lines.

Strategic Defense AI

Another major addition to the game is the new defensive AI. This AI has significantly improved, making it more difficult to get past defensive lines. In the previous games, defensive players often felt out of position, and there was limited realism. However, Madden NFL 17’s new and improved AI ensures that players’ defensive teammates are in their respective positions to stop the run or pass game. This way, offensive players can no longer easily bypass the defensive lines, leading to a much more challenging and engaging gameplay experience.

Revamped Franchise Mode

The Franchise Mode in Madden NFL has always been a popular feature, allowing players to experience what it feels like to manage their own football team. In Madden NFL 17, EA Sports has revamped this feature with more in-depth choices to be made in the draft picks, team management, as well as inter-team negotiations. This mode now also includes walkthroughs, which help players to better understand the various choices available to them.

Ultimate Team

One of the most popular features in Madden NFL – the Ultimate Team – has been given a makeover and offers new and more exciting features and gameplay. The goal in this mode is to build a fantasy team and take it through a series of challenges. Players earn coins to buy new players to improve their team, as well as new jerseys and stadiums for the ultimate gaming experience. The revamped mode includes new mini-games and challenges, adding to the thrill of the gameplay, ensuring endless entertainment.

Graphics and Audio

Lastly, the revamped graphics and audio in Madden NFL 17 are something to look out for. The players and stadiums are more lifelike than ever, providing a heightened sense of realism. The upgraded audio experience, including various game sounds and background music, is more immersive and engaging than ever before. This gives players an opportunity to experience a real football game while sitting in their living rooms.


Madden NFL 17 boasts some major upgrades and features that will completely reinvigorate the gaming experience for football lovers. The new ground game mechanic and defensive AI, coupled with the revamped Franchise Mode and Ultimate Team, are just a few examples of what to expect. So, dust off those controllers and join your friends for an unforgettable gaming experience with Madden NFL 17.

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