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Lair is an action-adventure video game released for PlayStation 3 in August 2007 in North America. The game was developed by Factor 5 and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. Lair is one of the few video game titles that utilized the PlayStation3’s Sixaxis motion control technology, where players can control a dragon by moving the PlayStation 3 controller. Lair’s concept is a world filled with deadly volcanoes that have devastated the world’s natural resources and air. It led the native people to split into two warring nations: the poor Mokai, and the well-off Asylia. The game’s story revolves around Rohn Partridge, an Asylia Sky Guard, who eventually turned to support the Mokai.

Gameplay and Controls

Lair’s gameplay concentrates primarily on air-based combat, where players control their dragon’s flight and use it to destroy enemy units and structures. The game’s controls use the PlayStation 3 controller’s motion sensors, where the controller’s movements are linked to the in-game dragon. Lair’s control usage is innovative and introduces the PlayStation3’s unique capabilities. In addition, landing the dragon on the ground allows players to engage in skirmishes on foot, where they can kill various land-based creatures and troops. Lair’s combat style is reminiscent of action movies, which is satisfying for players.

Narrative and Morale System

Lair has an intriguing storyline that puts players in the middle of an epic battle that takes place on various planets. The game’s plot follows Rohn’s journey as he learns the corruption of the Asylia and decides to support the Mokai. Lair storyline is exceptional, with a cast of well-developed characters and impressive world-building. The game’s crafting of the narrative is as good as any epic fantasy movie. Aside from that, Lair also has a morale system, which adds an extra layer of richness and depth to the gameplay. As a dragon rider supporting Mokai, players have to weaken the enemy’s morale by destroying their weapons, units, and buildings. The morale system allowed the game to create varied situations that players had to tactfully deal with while still delivering satisfying gameplay.

Graphics and Sound

Lair’s graphics are breathtaking and set a new benchmark for graphical excellence. The game’s world is filled with vivid color and life, making it easy to lose oneself amidst the dragon’s flight. Lair’s visuals are second to none, with detailed designs that still hold up incredibly well for a game released in 2007. Lair’s sound is also exceptional, with a gripping soundtrack and excellent use of sound effects. The game’s voice acting is impressive, providing players with an opportunity to connect with and empathize with the game’s cast. Lair is a classic that thrives in the graphics and sound department, making it a pleasure to play, even years later.


Lair is one of PlayStation3’s most outstanding video game titles: it combines an innovative use of motion controls, engaging gameplay, and a compelling storyline that delivers an immersive experience. Lair’s aerial combat, well-crafted world-building, and impressive sound and graphics make it stand out from other video games. Although it wasn’t well-received by critics, Lair, in my opinion, is a hidden gem that needs to be experienced by any action-adventure game lover. Factor 5 created an epic world, and flying a dragon in it while engaging in intense battles is truly something special.

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