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For music and dance lovers out there, “Just Dance 4” is an exciting way to get your groove on with your favorite songs and dance moves. In this music game, your body is the controller, and you need to imitate the dance moves shown on the screen. Developed by Ubisoft, the “Just Dance” series has been a hit among gamers around the world and has garnered many awards and nominations.

“Just Dance 4” was first released in October 2013 for all the popular motion control gaming consoles. The game features a colorful world with exciting and bustling music and dance moves. Players can express their personality to each tune of famous hits in 2013 by imitating each dancer’s moves on the screen. The game’s popularity led it to win the Kid’s Choice award for the “Favorite Video Game” category and a nomination for the “Best Family Game” category from British Academy Games Awards.

The gameplay for “Just Dance 4” is similar to the previous games – you need to imitate the dance moves shown on the screen made according to the selected song. The game also brought in new features that added to its attractiveness. One of them is the Just Sweat mode, which unlocks more songs and lets you measure the calories you burn as you dance. The game also has a “Puppet Master” mode exclusively for the Wii U. In this mode, the player uses the Wii U controller as a “Master” to control habits and images.

There are many different game modes in “Just Dance 4” that players can choose from, making it a great game to entertain with friends and family. One of the popular modes in the game is the Battle mode, where players compete against each other to see who can score the highest points. In the Dance Quest mode, players dance their way through different songs and levels, earning rewards as they advance. Another feature in the game is the Just Create mode, in which players can create their dance routines, record them, and share them with friends.

“Just Dance 4” is a fun, exciting, and engaging game that keeps players entertained for hours. Whether you’re dancing alone or with friends, the game offers a wide variety of songs, dance moves, and game modes that cater to different preferences and skill levels. With its colorful world, lively music, and the ability to get you moving and sweating, this game is definitely worth a try for anyone who loves music and dance. So, let’s put on our dancing shoes and start grooving with “Just Dance 4”!

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